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There are several top cities in Scotland that people would want to visit if they are visiting this beautiful country. Scotland is one of the oldest countries in the world, and their culture is also one of the oldest. Throughout history, Scotland has commanded a very strong position in the United Kingdom. One of their major cities is Aberdeen, which ranks at number three on the list of most populous cities in Scotland. The official estimate of the population is said to be around the figure of 220, 420. There are a number of nicknames that have been given to Aberdeen, such as the Silver City with the Golden Strands, Grey City or Granite City. The reason for this is the excessive use of granite within the construction of the city, which sparkles in a manner similar to silver, primarily because of the high content of mica in the stone.


Recently, back in the 1970s, oil was discovered in the North Sea, which led to the creation of numerous other nicknames for the city, such as the Oil Capital of Europe. Despite its modern buildings and beautiful architectural designs, the city is one of the oldest in Scotland, with the area in and around Aberdeen having been settled since 8000 years ago. Numerous prehistoric villages used to lie around the mouths of the Don and Dee rivers in Scotland. Those who are interested in visiting Aberdeen will certainly want to get a bit of knowledge about the local history of the city, as that will make them more aware of the significance of the iconic buildings within the region.

History of Aberdeen

Humans have been settled in and around Aberdeen for over 8,000 years. At the starting, there were two different burghs, Old Aberdeen as well as New Aberdeen. William the Lion granted the first charter in 1179, while in 1319, the Great Charter by Robert the Bruce changed Aberdeen and made it in to a financially independent community which was now given permission to own property. The closely located Forest of Stocket was also given as part of the Charter. The income from the Forest was used in the Common Good Fund, which is still benefiting Aberdonians today.

Numerous battles were fought in Aberdeen, and at one point in time, the city was completely walled from all sides in order to prevent any further attacks, and a number of forts were also created. Even the Aberdeen Castle was destroyed back in 1308. Almost a quarter of the population of Aberdeen was killed as the Black Death spread throughout Europe, killing millions. By the end of the 18th century, the road structure of Aberdeen began to take shape as the council began to make major improvements to the overall structure of the city.

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Ultimately, these improvements were very expensive, and the city was declared bankrupt in 1817. However, at the advent of the Napoleonic wars came recovery and prosperity, and with the Industrial Revolution, the city delved heavily in to shipbuilding and fishing, with numerous industries being set up. The current Victoria Dock as well as the South Breakwater were constructed during this period. As you can see, the history of Aberdeen is quite diverse and numerous monumental buildings still stand tall today.

Aberdeen Tourism

There are a number of historic as well as modern places for people to visit in Aberdeen. The Balmoral Castle provides a great insight in to the history of the city, while the Codonas Amusement Park is a great place for family and friends to visit. The Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Center is a great choice for people who are in to cultural events and concerts. The Aberdeen Maritime Museum provides a view in to the historical past of the shipbuilding industry as well as the marine history of the city. You can also check out the Aberdeen Music Hall and the Aberdeen Art Gallery, both of which were constructed years ago and are still used today. The Satrosphere Science Center, the Gordon Highlanders Museum are also worth visiting. There are hundreds of other places within Aberdeen that you definitely should visit.


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