Nine Places to Visit With Aberdeen Escorts!

There is more to Scotland than William Wallace, knee-length kilts, or battered Mars bars. From what I’ve been told by acquaintances that travelled around the country before, they’ve managed to reach every major city before they ran out of money and had to work in a café for a temporary amount of time.

Aberdeen city centre view
Aberdeen view

After crossing the border from Carlisle, they went straight to Edinburgh. From Edinburgh, they went to Glasgow. Then, from Glasgow, they took a short flight to Aberdeen, and that was the place where they went a little bit crazy. That’s quite a surprise to me, because I always thought Glasgow was the place to party and get high or wasted, not that I condone reckless drinking or snorting. From what all of my travelling buddies have also told me, Aberdeen is a coastal party place for happy people to be in, which would explain why there are so many happy courtesans living in the city too (that’s no joke).

The city is seen as a sophisticated place to live in. If it isn’t, then you wouldn’t find a lot of hot Scottish people dressed up in waistcoats and dresses in the city. But where could you find hot Scottish people dressed up in waistcoats and dresses in Aberdeen? Well, maybe you should if an escort in the district could help you find them; it would be better than looking at your map of Aberdeen every 3 minutes.

Monsoona Healthy Indian Cuisine

Aside from North Sea Oil, Aberdeen also has an abundance of Indian restaurants that both students and professionals can’t resist going to on a Friday night.

Whenever you want to experience some Southern Asian food with a gorgeous girl on the North Eastern coast of Scotland, the Monsoona Healthy Indian Cuisine restaurant ( where you should book a table for two at. Or a table for four, or five, or six. All of their meals are made on the day, so you can be sure that you would be consuming some fresh rice and curry before enjoying your night out in the city.


This is what I love about Scotland. If you put the business aspect aside, the country loves food from different parts of the world, not just fish and chips. By the way, fish and chips were originally a Greek cuisine before the media classed it as a British one.

Moving back onto international cuisine, you can be sure that an escort would enjoy a succulent meal at Nargile, one of the most reputable Turkish restaurants in Aberdeen. If you disagree, you should read all of the reviews that past customers have written about the site.

Mi Amore

After the mentioning of Indian and Turkish cuisine in the city, I doubt that there is a person alive in Aberdeen that would be able to resist a plate of pasta, or pizza, or even calzone. Jeez, I want a calzone right now…

Anyway, the Mi Amore restaurant can provide you and your chosen courtesan whatever you want to savour on your tongues. The venue serves tagliatelle, seafood, calamari, tiramisu, and minestrone soup for the people that don’t like feeling bloated before their commencing their drinking sessions. Speaking of feeling bloated, Mi Amore also provides meals that are gluten free, just to let all of you readers with intolerance or celiac diseases know!

99 Bars and Kitchen

If you’re not planning to have a sophisticated bar crawl with your elegant courtesan, there is the option of you having a delicious meal and a refreshing drink at the same time. For those that have heard of 99 Bars and Kitchen, and want to get an idea of what the place is like, imagine that you’re in 1950’s Manhattan where every ornament is used to hold flowers or fruit.

If you’re not interested in hipster interior design, then you should be interested in the variety of cocktails that they serve, along with its multicultural menu. Herb gnocchi & roast asparagus, slow cooked lamb shoulder, home cured smoked salmon and so on.

Along with its ‘classics’ section, 99 Bars and Kitchen has a very interesting selection of drinks with peculiar names like ‘Old Curiosity’ and ‘Smoking Bishop’, as well as names that were influenced by classic novels like ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Tequila Mockingbird’.

Brewdog Aberdeen

This place is for those that enjoy their crafted beer. Now, you never know how many escorts in Aberdeen love their beer if you don’t ask them; not every courtesan is into cocktails and shots. I’m more of a beer lover than a cocktail one, so I wouldn’t mind visiting a pub like the Brewdog.

The venue changes their taps seasonally, so depending on how many times you visit the area, you never end up drinking the same beer twice. You can have a look on their site to see which beers are on tap right now. If you are in Aberdeen right now and you’re planning on going to the Brewdog, let me know what the ‘Old Juicy Bastard’ is like.

Tippling House

Now, the Tippling House is for those that enjoy their cocktails. Alongside its variety of exotic drinks with naughty names like ‘What’s the story (morning glory)’, the venue also provides tasting sessions that include some of Scotland’s iconic liqueurs like gin, rum, and whisky.

A bar is not Scottish if it doesn’t serve whisky…or Scotch whisky. There’s a program that the venue hosts called the Tippling House ‘Whiskey Extravaganza’, which gives you a sampling of different whiskies that’s served with malted fudge and historical references. That would be a treat a high-class escort would love to experience…

Malmaison Aberdeen

After your little drinking session with your favourite courtesan, the first thing you would be thinking of is relaxing with her in the privacy of your hotel room, right? Well, if quality time with a courtesan is what you’re looking for, it’s vital that you choose the right places to go to with an escort, preferably a place that has a spa, like the Malmaison Aberdeen.

Even though it does look like a mythical castle with an entrance that’s shaped like the Doors of Durin from Lord of the Rings, the interior doesn’t look like the living room of a hobbit. The hotel has its own swimming pool, gym, bar lounge, and manicure parlour where you can spoil your ideal lady by giving her the best-looking nails in Scotland.

The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa

However, there are other luxurious accommodations that you can spend the night in other that the Malmaison Aberdeen. The Marcliffe Hotel & Spais a place that makes you feel like the Baron of Aberdeenshire. Seriously.

Anything that you could find in the hotel & spa is laced in gold, well, it looks like it anyway. Some of the spa treatments that you can indulge in include hot stone massages, luxury pedicures, waxing, and facials (not the kind of facials that you’re thinking about…you can do that kind of treatment in the bedroom). I don’t think that spending one night at the hotel & spa would be enough time for you to experience all of its facilities, but a whole weekend would.

Aberdeen Altens Hotel

Now, if you want to book a room in a hotel that’s closest to the heart of the city, the Aberdeen Altens Hotel would be your best bet. Before you start shooting your guns, do not judge a book by its cover. Inside the building, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a place where black-tie events are hosted.

If there’s anything that an escort would be impressed by, it would be the pool area in the hotel, where it also includes two Jacuzzis. Ladies love Jacuzzis, especially if it’s accompanied by champagne and strawberries (just an idea to give to you, guys).

The experience of visiting an escort in Aberdeen

Like Edinburgh and Glasgow, Aberdeen is one of those places in Scotland that you have to go and see before you die, or before your life savings are depleted. Hey, it’s not known to be the country’s 3rd most populous city without a reason.

Only one of my friends did arrange an intimate encounter with an escort in Aberdeen, who has been to some of the places that I’ve mentioned in this article. The only regret that he had was not spending enough time in the city, which is understandable since it does cater to a lot of people’s interests and hobbies.

Aberdeen is a place not to be missed!

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