The Reasons To see a Scottish Escort if You are a Shy Guy!

In a world that’s filled with complex technology, complicated social rules and cat videos, sometimes, it can be hard to feel comfortable around other people, let alone socialise with them. Nowadays, if you go to a coffee date with an estranged friend, he or she will spend more time scrolling through his or her Facebook feed than actually talking to you about the last person he or she fucked.

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If we put a range of people that have social anxiety, or are just generally shy into that kind of scenario, they’d start having cold sweats and speech impediments. And if your friends are just as mainstream as Kim Kardashian is, good luck trying to learn some people skills out of them, since they would rather be staying at home then hanging out with you; it’s sad but true. However, if you want to be more confident around people, especially around women, then it would be a very good idea to get some tips and advice from actual women, rather than the jerk-like dudes that tell you to ignore a text message from a girl that likes you.

But what kind of women? That question does get asked a lot. You can’t exactly grab a lady that was shopping in H&M, put her down on a chair, and demand she tell you how you should drink your latte in front of her, because that would be called harassment and you can get arrested for that.

Therefore, you end up asking the question again. What kind of women can I ask? If some of you are relatively new to Escort Scotland, have you ever thought about hiring an independent escort?

#1 Escorts are professional service workers

If there’s anything that escorts are good at, it’s people skills. Really, they are. Despite your initial impression about them, escorts aren’t hired solely for sex; if they were, they’d be called prostitutes. A courtesan would get hired by a client to give him her time and companionship. Whatever passion and pleasure that may come in between them (no pun intended, or maybe) would have already been discussed beforehand.

In general, you can hire escorts to accompany you to whatever social gathering you want to visit. If you have the money, you can hire a Diva from Cannes to lock her arm around yours at the famous film festival. Additionally, escorts know that every punter has different needs, and they know how to tender to their needs to make them feel content.

Therefore, they know exactly how to cool you down if you suddenly start to feel nervous during an encounter.

#2 Escorts can teach you how to be a social butterfly

After cooling you down before you start letting your heart rate increase during a meeting, escorts can start teaching you about people skills that can help you have a dinner date with a co-worker that you have a crush on. Or the cute waitress that works at the café where you get your soy latte from. Or any woman that you’d like to meet.

Like I’ve mentioned before, escorts are professionals when it comes to communicating with other human beings; they know how to act in cafes, restaurants, cinemas, swimming pools, horse races, and so on.

You can always rely on a gorgeous Scottish courtesan to teach you the tools of the trade.

#3 Escorts make sure that you’re always happy

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If you’re someone that is slowly losing faith in mankind, you can be sure that an escort would make you believe in humans again. Whether you want to learn how to have a conversation with a lady, how to make her laugh, or how to eat her pussy out when you’re on your way to 4th base, a private lady would be able to teach you what you want to learn with a big, happy smile on her face.

Why with the smile, though? To let you know that they’re sincerely having a good time, which will make you feel all warm and content inside. Even when you’d start worrying about how to put a condom on properly, she would show you the ropes so you wouldn’t have to start panicking.

I will say this one more time, escorts are professionals when it comes to people skills, and if for some reason you feel awkward about sex, you don’t have to sleep with them. Remember, they offer time and companionship, not just sex alone. And with that time and companionship, they can teach you how to conquer your shyness around people, and not be like Kim Kardashian who gets her personal assistants to take selfies for her.

Guys, don’t be like Kim Kardashian, hire a Scottish escort for an hour or so in Edinburgh, and learn how to be socially-fluent.

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