The World’s Six Most Expensive Escorts!

I am going to be frank with you. It’s no lie that escorts get paid a high amount of money for every meeting that they’d have with a client. For those who are interested to know, a courtesan can charge a punter around $200 (£135) per hour; that’s an average rate.

Underwear, bed and money to symbolize the cost of sex.

However, like most ambitious women, there are escorts that like to aim high, so there are places in the world where a special lady that could charge you up to $1500 (£1016) per hour. But this just makes me think: what kind of gorgeous ladies charge their clients a price that is worth more than double of my rent, and would you think that their charm and beauty is worth their rates?

Ms. Maya Blue – $4,500 (£3,049) per night

This little charm is more than just a pretty face and her website can prove that for you. As well as showing off her glamourous photos on her official page, Instagram and other social media platforms, Maya Blue presents an elaborate description of her personality and interests, which has turned her into an ‘it’ girl on many men’s forums.

Original source: Miss Maya Blue

Ms. Blue’s services range from 2-hour private sessions, dinner dates and overnight stays, which would range between the prices of $1,200 – $ 3,000. However, this dazzling young woman became very prolific in the international escorting industry by hosting travelling services too; flying from San Francisco to Miami while being in the company of other wealthy people would set a client back around $4,500 for one extravagant encounter.

Ava Xi’an – $6,500 (£4,404) per night

This former real estate agent never thought about getting involved in the thriving escorting industry, until her father got severely ill and didn’t have any health insurance to fund his much-needed heart surgery.

Many people have thought Xi’an’s background was a sad story, before they’ve realised how much she has learned the art of courtship through books and let her natural talent shine through.

Original source: The New York Times

After teaching herself the ways of an independent escort, Xi’an started to charge her clients an average of $6,500 for every meeting that she has with them; earning enough money to fund for her father’s surgery and having some left over to keep in her pocket. There’s a quote she has mentioned in an interview which many budding courtesans gained insight from:

“Tell a guy you’re $100 and they’ll treat you one way – tell them you’re $1,500 and they’ll treat you better.”

Natalie McLennan – $16,000 (£10,841) per night

Also known as ‘Natalia’, Natalie McLennan is known to be New York City’s number one escort who charges her clients at around $2,000 per hour. McLennan was once engaged to Jason Itzler, one of the world’s greatest escort agency owners. The attractive woman reminds me of the converted Christian evangelist, Nicky Cruz…without any Christianity involved…

Original source: Amazon

McLennan was charged with money laundering for a prostitution ring, but in later years, she wanted to turn a corner and change her ways by telling other people about her stories and some of the warnings that are tagged in them. Her written memoir, ‘The Price’, depicts her anecdotes of her life within the escorting industry along with her companionship with celebrities like Lenny Kravitz, Fred Durst and Peter Beard. Due to the fact that she got acquainted with some of the most prolific names in the USA, it’s no wonder that she is the highest paid escort in NYC!

Lauren…just Lauren – $24,000 (£16,261) per night

This courtesan is quite a mysterious one, but still sexy nonetheless.
Known for her personality and charm, as well as her private performances in the bedroom, Lauren is one of the most talked about escorts on the internet, especially on escorting and men’s forums. Not a lot of information could be found about her story, which is quite a good thing if she wanted to keep her escort alias exposed.

Original source: Standard

Even though there isn’t much to know when it comes to her background or her services, many of her clients have stated that Lauren has the warmest and authentic personalities that a courtesan could have, which makes her services worth the $24,000. By the way, if you type in ‘Lauren’ and ‘escort’ into Google, the escort is not Lauren Cohan who plays in the show ‘The Walking Dead’…just to let you know.

Cannes Film Festival Divas – $40,000 (£27,102) per night

For those who haven’t heard of the Cannes Film Festival before, you must be living under a rock for most of your life. The annual festival showcases a range of new films that revolve around all kinds of genres, where only the most prestigious names in the film industry are allowed to attend the event in Cannes, France.

Original source: Agency website

Many luxurious escorts travel from Northern France, Spain and Italy to attend the 10-14 day event to get acquainted with high-class business owners; the highest paid escorts barely have to move due to the fact that their dates are normally prearranged. However, there are other elite courtesans that go to the festival to try and find potential clients who would invite them to A-list parties, so the competition is fierce out there, especially if the prize for them is $40,000 for an overnight encounter!

Michelle Braun – $50,000 (£33,878) per night

The most expensive escort on the planet, Michelle Braun, is also one of the escorting world’s most successful business owners. Braun is considered to be Los Angeles’ connection between call girls and rich men a, who have made a name for herself in Hollywood and Wall Street. After becoming the most acclaimed escort in the world amongst celebrities, business chiefs and public figures, she decided to expand her profession in the industry and created an agency that supplies the most expensive courtesans to other prolific people.

Original source: Rolling Stone

Most of the women in the agency are fashion models, Hollywood actresses and double-page spreads from Playboy magazines. Each and every one of the girls make around $50,000 per session that gives Braun a paycheck of over $8,000,000. That’s a lot of money…but with a name that is well known on the East Coast of the USA which a thriving business, who wouldn’t want to charge that much for a personal meeting?

Escorts, aim high!

There’s a reason why these escorts have become renowned in our world, even if all of the courtesans that I’ve mentioned are only based in the USA. When a guy meets a prostitute, he’s paying her for sex. When a guy meets an escort, he’s paying her for time and companionship. Do you see the difference?

I want you to forget the pseudo-definition that an escort is just a high-class whore because that’s not always the case; not every encounter involves sex. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting paid to give someone time and companionship. If a woman is good at that kind of service, then why can’t she call it a profession?

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