Vibrating Alarm Clock Wakes You With Orgasms!

The sound of an alarm clock first thing in the morning is enough to make you feel miserable. Sure, you might choose a song you love to wake you up, but over time you come to hate it. The sound of the song and your alarm clock means that you have to actually get up and do things, when you would much rather stay in bed and get some more sleep… or do something a little sexier.

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Well, it seems that some geniuses have decided to create the kind of alarm clock we have always deserved, giving us the chance to start the day with a big smile on our faces. How? Well, the alarm clock wakes you with an orgasm. No, we can’t think of a better way to start the day either.

Unusual alarm clocks

Getting up in the mornings can be really tough. Sometimes, we stay up later than we should to watch TV, jerk off to some porn, or just to enjoy some drinks with friends. We might even have been at the gym late, meaning that our entire body aches the next day. All of these things and more make it difficult for us to drag ourselves out of bed.

We have all, at some point in our lives, made the rookie mistake of choosing a song we like for our alarm clock. Sure, it seems like a good idea at the time, but then we come to hate the song with a passion, because the song means we have to actually get up and do things.

A violent alarm clock, which hits you to wake you up
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People have been trying to help solve this problem of getting out of bed in a number of ways. Many like to go for the more aggressive approach, fashioning alarm clocks like the one you see in the gif above. It will slap you, and keep slapping you, until you stop it. Others use the alarm clocks with wheels that physically run away from you, so you have to get up and out of bed in order to turn them off.

Looking for a gentler option? There are companies that have created sunlight alarm clocks. They slowly start to light up in the morning, sometimes with a gentle tune, and so wake you gently. While some people feel that these alarm clocks work for them, there are plenty of others who find that they just hate waking up to a bright light in your face. We need something better.

Morning sex

There are so many other fantastic ways to wake up in the morning. One of the options is naturally, when you have had enough sleep and don’t need to go anywhere. However, it isn’t often that we get the chance to enjoy a lie in, so this choice isn’t going to work on those days when we have to get up and head into the office.

Others like waking up to the smell of food. Those in relationships might know just how good it is to wake up and find that your other half has made you some breakfast in bed… but there is something even better than waking up to food… and that is sex.

Morning sex
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Sex is one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. Not only is it a huge fantasy that many have, as they would love to wake to find their partner gently teasing them awake, but it will also put you immediately in a good mood.

Feeling stressed about that meeting you have? Don’t want to head to the office because you know how much work there is to be done? A fantastic morning fuck will put you in a better mood than any alarm clock can. Or at least, that is how it used to be… until Little Rooster came along.

The orgasm alarm clock

The Little rooster is an alarm clock that will wake you up in a really unique way. Instead of playing a song that you can no longer stand or shining a light in your face to wake you up, it will vibrate. This might not sound that exciting, but it gets a hell of a lot kinkier than that. The alarm clock doesn’t sit on your bedroom night stand. In fact, it sits right in your panties… with the long and hard plastic bit lying right along your clit.

Sources say that “the vibrations start small and then build in intensity over a five minute period” in order to give you a wake up call that you will never forget. Now, this isn’t just something that will vibrate and that is it. Apparently, the Little Rooster has 30 different settings for you to choose from… which means you could spend an entire month trying each mode to find out which one is right for you.

The Little Rooster sexy alarm clock
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Obviously, this high tech sex toy and alarm clock isn’t going to be cheap. It will cost you £69.99 (because when you’re creating a sexy alarm, 69 is the perfect price to use), and delivery is free. This means that you can enjoy an intense orgasm to wake you up in the morning, without having to bug your partner for morning sex or dig out the dildo.

Now before you go running off to order your own Little Rooster, you need to know that the product sells out quickly. In fact, this unique alarm has been around since 2012, and sells out every time it is restocked. The next batch is expected in October, so if you do want to get your own, you might want to order sooner rather than later.

The best way to start your day?

I don’t know about you, but I am having a hard time trying to think of a better way to wake up each morning. Instead of swearing at my alarm and groping in the dark to hit the snooze, I could wake up with an orgasm.

The Little Rooster would turn setting your alarm each night into one hell of a sexy build up to orgasm. You could set it knowing that you are going to feel intense pleasure when you wake up, and you could then head into work with a grin on those face. It might even turn you into a morning person!

Jenna Marbles having a fantastic morning
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A lot of people can’t function in the morning without a coffee. They need their caffeine hit to get going, but can you imagine how much better each day would start for you if you had an orgasm as well?

What do you think about this alarm clock? Is it the perfect way to motivate yourself in the morning, or is it going to make you want to stay in bed for a little longer? Tell us about your perfect morning wake up routine by leaving a comment in the box below or by heading over to the Escort Scotland forum. Join in the discussion there and see what others have to say about kinky wake up calls!

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