Should You Try Anal At Least Once?

When it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, some people aren’t too keen on it. In their mind, they know exactly what they like and they don’t want to stray too far from it. Others are more than happy to experiment, but they aren’t sure about what it is they want to try in bed. Anal is one that people often wonder about, but a lot of the time, they never do it.

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If you have found that you aren’t sure whether trying anal is for you, don’t worry. Here on the Escort Scotland blog we take a look at the reasons why you might want to try anal… and why it might not be for you.

The taboo about anal

It is no secret that fucking someone up the ass is a taboo. It isn’t as much of a taboo as it used to be, but for many people, they say that their ass is a “one way street”. They imagine that Gandalf is standing at the entrance to their puckering hole shouting “you shall not pass!” at anyone who gets too close.

It’s a taboo because many think that it is dirty. To be blunt, you shit from there, so how can it be fun? Of course, porn shows it as something else entirely. They show only gleaming holes, waiting for a cock to go up them, and so when the fun is over, there is no sign of any mess at all. This is because they take a lot of time to clean their asses thoroughly, using douches and enemas to clean themselves out for the scene.

There is also a belief that it will hurt
. Horror stories of anal sex hurting only come about because people get it wrong. They go too quickly, instead of giving their partner time to adjust and get used to the cock in their ass. They also forget to use plenty of lube, as they are used to PIV sex instead. Yes, the vagina might lubricate itself, but the ass does not, so lube up.

Why people like it up the ass…

One of the big reasons that people like it up the ass is because it feels good. You might not like the idea of it, but your ass has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. You have plenty of nerve endings that feel great with a little stimulation all around the ass, and so having anal sex feels amazing. Yes, even for men.

The prostate can give you an amazing experience if it gets the right kind of attention, and often this attention ends up being a finger or a cock up the ass. This walnut-sized gland can lead to really intense orgasms. If you have ever had a prostate massage, you’ll know how good it can feel.

The ass also feels very tight. Usually it feels a lot tighter than a vagina, and so the person giving will have the ass clamping down on their cock hard. It will feel great for them, especially if they get their partner to orgasm inside of them, as they will feel every twitch.

It is also incredibly kinky. For many it is a naughty fantasy that they really want to fulfil, and so by at least trying it, they can tick it off of their bucket list. This fantasy is best done with someone you trust, and this can make it even more intimate for those involved.

… and why they don’t

Of course, anal isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of people who don’t get any enjoyment from it at all. It might be that they simply don’t understand why it would be a fantasy, as they get plenty of enjoyment from other kinds of sex.

It can hurt. It doesn’t always, but if you don’t understand just how much preparation is involved to make it feel good, you can not only hurt your partner, but also cause them damage. Just like dry sex can leave tears in the vagina, not using enough lube for your ass fun can cause tears in the ass. This can lead to infections and a lot of pain, so make sure you are well lubed.

Sometimes, it can be dirty. This isn’t usually an issue, as a healthy person normally has a clean rectum once they have been to the toilet. However, if you are still concerned, you can simply start your fun in the shower instead. If you do, silicone-based lubes will be much better, as they won’t wash away with the water and you can keep going for longer.

Another issue for people is that it can’t really be done on the spur of the moment. You need time to prep, which means that, if you are in the mood for it, you need to let your partner know early on. This can make sex seem dull and scheduled, which doesn’t always work for some people.

Should you try anal?

Really, the choice to try anal or not is entirely up to you. Some people happily go through life without ever trying it, and they never have the urge to. Others long to try it and never get the chance. Some find a partner they trust and keep doing it, while others try it once and say “never again”.

If you do decide to try it, you need to take your time and work your way up to it. The ass cannot stretch as readily as a pussy can, so work your way up to a cock instead. A finger in the ass can help you, as can toys like butt plugs, so make sure you experiment and take the time to relax those muscles to make it even better for yourself.

Have you ever tried anal? Maybe you are unsure how to prepare for it? Anna talks you through it with her newbies guide to nailing it.

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