Looking for verified escorts? A guide to our verification system

Many clients on Escort Scotland are always on the search for courtesans, masseuses, and dominatrixes that have verified profiles on the website. But what exactly is a verified escort?

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A verified escort is a service provider that has provided us with genuine documentation of their nationality and age. Additionally, the photos that the escort would publicise on his or her advert have been verified by the E-S staff.

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What does it mean if an escort’s photos are verified?

If ‘photos verified’ is mentioned on an advert, it means that we have sufficient photographic evidence to believe that the pictures are genuine.

What does it mean if an escort’s photos are not verified?

If ‘photos verified’ isn’t mentioned on an advert, it means the advertiser didn’t provide us with enough information to get a verified photos badge.

However, if an escort’s photos are not verified, it doesn’t mean that their photos are fake. If we have proof that they are, the staff would simply delete them from the site.

What is a verified age?

If you see the blue tick next to the escort’s age on the advert, it means we have confirmed the advertiser’s year of birth through an official document, and that the age mentioned on the profile is correct.

What is a verified nationality?

If you see the flag icon next to the escort’s nationality on the advert, it means the advertiser has provided us with an official document stating his or her place of birth, or current residence.

What is the ‘Verified Member’ feature?

Escort Scotland also helps you identify escorts whose age, nationality and pictures have passed our verification system, and have also been active for 12 months or more on the directory.

The escort would then receive a ‘verified member’ badge on his or her advert, for all Escort Scotland users to see.

There you have it. You now know how to find verified escorts on the directory, so go and find a beautiful dominatrix, masseuse, or courtesan to arrange a date with tonight!

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