How to Apologise for Having an Affair

When instances of extra affairs occur in a relationship and come to light, most people tend to deny it initially, even when it’s clearly evident. However, when it inevitably comes out, a lot of complications arise and hence, a lot of work is required to correct the situation.

Part of what is required is owning up when confronted. and apologizing to the aggrieved party. Apologies are never easy, especially for such sensitive issues such as this.

Several aspects should be included in the apology to ensure that it’s effective and results in much sought forgiveness.


An Important Time

The first thing one should do is understanding what they are apologizing for. True contrition cannot come without accepting you are in the wrong.

This step will also involve accepting responsibility. When you are aware of what you have done, the possibilities of shirking responsibility and shifting the blame are eliminated. This also make the apology, when given, more likely to be accepted.

It’s on Your Head

Avoid labelling the person you have wronged as being responsible and accept that your behaviour is your sole responsibility.

When apologizing avoid reducing responsibility by adding the words “I’m sorry if I hurt you” as this portrays you as being remorseful about the outcome and not the actions.

When seeking forgiveness having an affair, it’s good to avoid having expectations. When offering an apology, do so without expecting something back. Don’t give the apology while waiting for something to be done for you. You should solely seek to make your partner listen to you.

Also avoid giving conditions for your apology to be accepted when offering it. You are apologizing, it is up to them whether the accept it or not.

Avoiding making excuses is a great way to ensure the apology is accepted. While valid reasons may exist, trying to justify your wrong behaviour will only result in the other partner feeling more annoyed and ignoring you.

Owning up totally is important when apologizing for having an affair. You could later explain your reasons when the apology has already been accepted.

So here is a simple guide to making an apology for your affair.

Admitting the Offence

It’s prudent to avoid making excuses, whitewashing or shifting blame. Just be totally honest.

Try Putting Yourself in the Wronged Person’s Shoes

When you do so you, try and feel what they may have felt and hence you understand the situation better. Looking at the situation from the other person’s perception makes you realize the circumstances in a deeper way.

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Forgive the Person you Wronged

Sometimes, when we have done something wrong, we tend to hold grudges against the other person for possible wrongs they may also have done towards us.

However when we seek forgiveness, we should first forgive the partner as this will make us focus on apologizing without justifying or shifting blame.

Plan and Prepare for the Apology

Making an apology, especially for having an affair is a serious thing and should be dealt with, with the seriousness it deserves.

Proper planning should be put in place to maximize the chances of succeeding in the quest for forgiveness.

Choose the Delivery Method of the Apology

The chance of succeeding in the apology lies greatly in the manner you give the apology, this may either be in person or in writing. Whatever the method the aim is in ensuring that you achieve your goal, so try and do it right!


Visiting an Escort

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Either way, if you have to apologise for an affair, good luck. You may well need it!

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