What Kind of Men Really See Escorts?

Many of you on here will know I have a real irritation with the mainstream media. No, I don’t mean like some Trump supporter or a Corbynite, calling out fake news whenever I hear something that doesn’t match my ingrained beliefs. I just feel that when it comes to certain issues, they have lazy narratives which can be damaging. The escort industry is a fine example.

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Take escort clients. To put it bluntly (I know no other way) they are seen as sad losers who take advantage of poor women who are there against their will. True those of us in the industry know differently, but this narrative becomes widespread and often helps to shape government policy.

But what kind of men see escorts? Well there are more types than some people think.

1) The Single Guy

There are many single men who see escorts. This isn’t because they are ‘sad losers’, but just that we all have busy lives. Therefore, instead of going out to a club and trying to meet average looking women who may not even want to go out with you, why not call up a stunner and cut out all the associated rubbish?

There may come a point where they feel ready to get into a relationship, or one may just happen naturally and escorts may not be needed, but for many it beats going on the pull.

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2) The Businessman

Businessman are often very busy (you would hope they would be) so finding time for relationships may be tough. Yet we all need sex. This is where escorts come in very handy. The escort won’t want a relationship but will be very happy to accommodate that part of one.

These guys don’t fall into the category or ‘loser’ and come from a different economic bracket than the press would have you believe.

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3) The Bored Husband

It is fair to say that many guys get bored having sex with the same woman over and over again. This all goes back to caveman days where man would look to spread his seed far and wide. It is true that modern society now looks down on that kind of behaviour, but it is still ingrained in the DNA of men. Some choose to suppress it, whilst others can’t, or won’t.

The traditional way for men to do this was to have an affair. That can cause real problems in a relationship obviously. We all know that the moment the third person in this scenario feels used at all they are likely to spill their guts about what has been going on, and who wants that?

Escorts are far better. They won’t tell anyone what has been going on, so this gives you a real chance to keep both lives separate. If he can keep things secret of course.

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4) The Man With Certain Interests

As a society we are becoming more understanding about people who have different sexual interests to ourselves. That doesn’t mean however that we all want to do these things. Accepting things like anal or BDSM is very different to wanting to bring them into your own bedroom.

Escorts are often willing to perform these actions though. This will give the man a chance to do something he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Often his partner is understanding of this and will allow him to see companions rather than pester her for something she has no intention of doing.

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5) The Widow

Many older clients meet escorts, and often they are widowers. Meeting a companion will give them the chance to have company and sexual relations, but not have to go through the whole dating thing which they understandably may not be ready to do.

This isn’t a case of them being unable to get a partner, but just not being emotionally available.

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6) Disabled Clients

It is clear that disabled clients will find the dating world harder. That isn’t to say it is impossible, but they don’t have it easy. However, a trip to an escort will allow them to have fun, instead of sitting at home getting upset by a lack of proper female company.

Many escorts are experts when it comes to disabled clients, showing how important they see the service as too.

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There are likely other kind of men who see escorts, but what is clear is that escort clients are a lot more varied that the MSM would have you believe.

As for being uncaring as to whether the escort wants to be there or not, that is a level of ignorance which astounds me. One thing these guys usually have in common is respect for the companion. Like any industry there will be bad apples, but we need to remember that the majority of clients are good people.

It is important that we counter false narratives with real information.

For those clients reading this article, we love you, and so do the escorts. Why not arrange your latest meeting now?

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