How Clients Can Avoid Getting Caught Meeting Escorts

We all know that seeing escorts is a lot of fun. We get to meet women(or men) who we usually could only dream about, or see in magazines. However, one thing that isn’t fun is getting busted seeing escorts. In fact, that can have a devastating effect on our relationships at home. Yes we may be able to compartmentalise love and sex, but most of our wives and girlfriends may not see the funny side if they realise we have been seeing other women.

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But how do we go about keeping our punting life separate from our home one? Well there are in fact some easy things you can do to help make your escort world remain separate from the real one.

1) Have a Punting Phone

You just never know when your partner will look at your phone. Maybe they don’t trust you, or maybe theirs is playing up and they want to access the internet. The last thing you want them to see is escort websites popping up.

This is why it is a good idea to have a completely separate phone for escort activities. That can be kept somewhere safe away from prying eyes. This means that you aren’t going to be busted by a quick check of your smartphone.

2) Always Clear Your Search History

This is a big one for laptops and desktops. Do a full clean of your internet history EVERY time you go to an escort site. This makes sure that your partner won’t happen upon your escort activities when they just log on to play with Facebook or check their emails.

3) Don’t Tell ANYONE

You really can’t trust anyone to keep their mouth shut so make sure you do. Don’t get pissed and tell anyone you see escorts. They may laugh when you say it, but they are likely to break that confidence themselves at some point.

And why does anyone else need to know? How is their life going to be better knowing this? Just keep your gob shut

4) Don’t Piss On Your Own Doorstep

There are escorts all over the country, so there is no need to see the ones in your local vicinity. You can travel outside your home town. No that doesn’t mean you have to go all the way across the country, but make it far enough away that no-one you know sees you in a part of town that you have no business in.

Now it has to be said, there are no foolproof ways of not getting caught, so there is always risk associated with seeing escorts. However, if you follow these rules then you begin to minimise that risk.

Do you have any other ideas to not get caught seeing escorts? Let us know in the comments box below.

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