The Way a Girl Cums Tells You All About Her!

It’s a shame that we don’t hear stories about women’s orgasms enough, because I believe they are more intriguing to hear than stories about a guy cumming in a girl’s mouth. That’s just my opinion.

a girl cums

The reason why I think it’s a shame we don’t hear more of these kinds of stories is because we can learn a lot about a woman by the way that she cums, which I believe would be beneficial for a man, or woman, that is thinking about asking another woman out.

I mean, think about it. If you’ve met a girl that you like, and you think that she’s worth changing your relationship status on Facebook for, wouldn’t you like to know what she’s like in public and in private?

Well, if I can tell what my previous partners were like by the way they climaxed in and on me, then I’m sure that they would be able to know what I like by the way that I orgasm…if some of them could even make me orgasm. That sounded harsh, but that’s the reality of my sex life.


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If a girl you’re seeing or dating can cum while you’re on top of her, then she’s special. I haven’t heard of a lot of women accomplishing orgasms in the missionary position, which I can understand; it’s a position to start the intercourse, not to finish it.

Furthermore, a woman that normally climaxes in the missionary position is an intimate person. She has probably watched ‘The Notebook’ about 207 times in her life and stares deeply into your eyes with every tender thrust you give her. She’d think that anything like porn is too lewd for her to watch, and she doesn’t consider a g-string as a part of the feminine underwear family.

After you’ve had sex with her for the first time, she’d probably brag to your friends how amazing you are, which in some aspects, she should!

If you can make a girl cum in the missionary position, she would cherish you like she would cherish Ryan Gosling.

Doggy Style

A woman that frequently cums in the doggy position knows what gets her off in the bedroom. She probably gets advice from friends who may have had at least one threesome in their lifetime, and spends her time reading columns from Cosmopolitan magazines while sitting on the toilet.

She’s not shy to show you a couple of moves in the privacy of your home, which shows that she’s confident to tell you what makes her clit tingle. If you spend enough time with a woman that usually orgasms doggy style, you’ll start to get creative with her and begin to make variations of the position, like lifting one leg from the mattress or keeping her arms behind her back.

Furthermore, she’s the kind of girl that would occasionally squirt on you. Occasionally.

On your face

She’s definitely not shy. This type of lady would probably start sex off by sitting on your face, or pull your hair so your lips would be glued to her clit.

Depending on how you would like her pussy, she might grind her cunt on your face to achieve a quicker orgasm when she’s getting close. I’ve ended up doing that in some of my previous encounters, and the guys that I’ve met loved it when I moved my pussy up and down their faces.

Additionally, the ladies that normally climax on the faces of their partners are the types that you wouldn’t expect to be adventurous in the bedroom. Watch out, guys.

On your fingers

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The ladies that would usually cum on your fingers are probably really sensitive or really naughty. By the touch of your fingers, she would let her fountain of youth flow like a burst pipe. You’ll be the hot gossip amongst her kinky friends.

However, you might want to keep your wits about you when you’re hanging out with a girl that can cum on your fingertips, as she might drag you to the toilets and thrust your hand down her pants while you’re flying out to Majorca. Your potential relationship with this type of girl would probably never be normal, so keep a few packets of condoms with you, no matter where you are.

During anal sex

She watches more porn than you, and she’s probably the type that would wake you up for sex. Not the other way round.

A new way of getting to know someone

No longer can you find out what a woman is like by the way she kisses, the style of clothes she wears, or the amount of black eye make-up she puts on. It also appears that some people can’t decipher a woman’s personality by listening to her conversations at hipster cafes or cocktail bars; her characteristics can now be found in the juices that she spills from her pussy.

However, it is the 21st Century, and we are all building relationships with guys and girls that probably wouldn’t give us the time to chat with them at hipster cafes. So, go ahead; see what you can learn about a woman by the way she cums. Don’t forget to tell me about it by writing your stories here on the community forum, or even on Twitter.

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  1. I just enjoy watching a girl climax while during sex. I have not been able to make a girl cum every single time, but that is normal, sometimes it is hard for us to cum, we just have to keep going.
    As long as we both enjoy the time, I think that is all that matters.

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