How To Use Your Hands During Foreplay

Foreplay, for many of us, is all about turning our partner on. We want to make them feel good, and often the best way to do this is to use our mouth. The issue is that we become so focused on using our mouth during foreplay that our hands get left behind. We might rub them over our partner’s body once and then jump in with our tongue, which is no good.

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Foreplay is more than using your mouth on your partner. By getting your hands involved, you’ll find that there are so many more things you can do. So how should you go about getting handsy during foreplay?

An erotic massage

An erotic massage is by far one of the best methods to ensure you give yourself plenty of time touching your partner during foreplay. You’ll use your hands to stroke every inch of their body. You’ll work your fingertips and thumbs into their muscles to put them at ease. You’ll slowly glide your palms down their back and over their ass to turn them on.

Giving an erotic massage is easy, if you know how. All you need to remember is that you should touch them everywhere. This means you will take your time gliding over their body and turning them on.

Start at their arms and work your way in. Going from top to bottom can also help. Just make sure that you do not touch their most sensitive areas until you have done one pass already. This will help to drive them wild with desire, and they may even start begging for you to touch them!

Erotic massages can feel amazing!
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Let’s be honest. When you finger someone during foreplay, it is often just before you go and put your mouth on their pussy and lick them to orgasm. Fingering is something we do just while we work our way down their body, and we don’t appreciate it enough.

It is a hell of a lot of fun and a fantastic way for you to use your hands during foreplay. Start off slowly by running your fingers down their body. Bring them to their pussy and slowly slide them up and down. You want to tease them, after all, and this is a great way to do it.

Then you can pull their panties aside and rub your fingers around their pussy. They might squirm for you to touch their clit or slide a finger in, but try to resist for as long as you can. Build up to it, slowly slipping a finger inside and then, when you think they are sufficiently turned on, use your thumb on their clit. As them what they like and then give it to them.

Fingering gives you the chance to make her come with just your fingers!
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For some people they find that they love the idea of being tickled. It is a turn on for them, and if you and your partner would like to dip into the world of BDSM, tickling is a great way to do just that. It is a loss of control and can be incredibly arousing.

Your hands are the perfect tools here. You could use a feather if you’d like, but your hands will give you a little more control. You can tie your partner up if they’d like, or simply get them to lie down.

The aim with tickling is to figure out where they are the most sensitive to touch. Is it their feet? What about the back of their knees? Maybe their stomach? By slowly exploring with your fingers and hands, you are sure to find the right spot. Just make sure you give them breaks every now and then, and if they ask you to stop, stop.

The tickling fetish is fun for your fingers
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Foreplay with your hands

Hands are some of the most underrated tools in the bedroom. We use them all of the time but we often simply skip ahead to our mouths or our genitals. Using your hand on your partner just seems like a precursor to everything else.

Do you like getting handsy during foreplay? Let us know what you think, and your favourite method, by writing in the comment box below. Which method is best for spicing up foreplay?

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