Men’s Ultimate Survival Kit For Valentine’s Day

To all of the guys that have made their plans with their wives, girlfriends, or friends with benefits on Valentine’s day, you’ll need to have an emergency survival kit ready if your plans will fuck up.

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You’ll never know if a waiter will accidentally give away your reserved table, your debit card gets declined at your favourite bar, or you forget to bring condoms when you head back to her place. I know that you won’t have 5 minutes to read an elaborate article, especially if you got a shit load to prepare for tonight.

Therefore, you should make sure that you have 5 of these important items in your back pocket because you don’t like carrying satchels, or what some of you like to call man purses.

#1 £100 in Cash

Keeping some cash in your pocket is better than having a debit card that could decline your payments, so, keep £100 at hand

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you’ll never know if your debit card decides to be an asshole on the day, and will keep declining any payment that you’ll try to make. So, what would be a solution to this possible problem?

Withdraw £100 from the ATM machine, but keep your card for emergencies. The cash you’d carry would be enough for you and your girlfriend’s meal. Personally, I’d say £50 is enough for 2 meals; I don’t know anyone that spend nearly £100 on a meal, except for celebrities.

#2 The number of the Taxi Driver that you trust

If you've planned to wander around the city with your girlfriend, you can save time and energy by keeping the number of a taxi driver in your pocket

If you’ve prepared a ‘Valentine’s Crawl’ around the city, you gotta have a taxi driver at hand. I don’t know many guys that would do this, but there are some that would go out of their way to make sure their partners would enjoy the night.

How would a taxi driver come handy? Well, the first stop the taxi driver would take you is to the restaurant, then a landmark, then a cinema, then another landmark, and then to your place where you experience a different kind of romance.

Speaking of which…

#3 Condoms. As many as you could fit into your back pocket

valentine's day needs to be safe too, and condoms are the ultimate form of protection when you're out on the night of love and romance

You can never ever have too many condoms in your back pocket, or in your wallet. I always carry at least 2 in my purse, even when I know that I’m not getting any.

Why? Because it’s better to have one and not need it, then need it and not have one. What? You think that if neither of you have condoms, you go straight to anal sex? That’s not very romantic of you to think that way…

#4 Any coupons that could give you a discount on drinks at the bar

save money at all costs, and bring some drink coupons that would either give you alcohol for free or with a discount

Alt-Tag: save money at all costs, and bring some drink coupons that would either give you alcohol for free or with a discount

Even if you have around £40 left in your pocket, you maybe want to save money at all costs. I’m not saying that you have to be cheap on the night out, that would be one way to make a woman raise her eyebrow at you.

However, you still have to take care of your bank account to. You don’t want your wallet to feel as dry as it did after Christmas time, do you?

So, if you do manage to find some discount coupons at a nice bar that serves fine tonic and Bombay Sapphire, keep them in your wallet and spoil your girl at the bar for free.

#5 Hand cream

Women love soft hands, and your hands could wrapped around your girlfriend's naked body if you keep and use hand cream

When the night comes to an end, and you and your partner start to feel something tingling in between your legs, you have to find a way to start the night off smoothly. How would you know that your partner wants to start the night off smoothly? She would try and hold your hand while you’re walking around town.

No girl likes to hold a pair of rough hands, so I advise you to keep a travel-size bottle of hand lotion in your pocket. Nivea For Men is always a good choice; your girlfriend would want you to hold something else if your hands are so smooth…

I do not doubt that you can fit those 5 survival kit items in your back pocket for Valentine’s Day. If you’re a lover for skinny jeans, you might as well get yourself a man purse for the night.

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