The Top 8 Places To Visit With A Glasgow Escort

Ah, Glasgow. Who wouldn’t want to spend some of their leisure time in this thriving, magnificent city in Scotland? It’s a place where you can buy the perfect kilt, drink the finest Scotch Whiskey and enjoy the company of every Glaswegian escort that lives in the city.

The beautiful city of Glasgow

Now, whether you’re setting up a date with a wife, girlfriend or courtesan in the district, you’d want to try your best to please her. After all, we women liked to be pleased! So, if you’ve arranged an encounter with a gorgeous escort in Glasgow and you want to take her to the best places that are settled in the city, you should keep reading this article.

1) Away from the busy streets: George Square

What would be the point of spending some quality time with a courtesan in the district if you’re not going to bother seeing what it is like? The place isn’t considered to be one of Scotland’s major cities without a reason…

I have a friend who lives in the Highlands but always enjoys visiting the capital just to have a walk around George Square. Before the Commonwealth Games commenced in 2014, the city council voted to do a ‘makeover’ of the square to make it ‘a place fit for the 21st century’ at the cost of £15 million.

Luckily, most of the old monuments returned to the outer area of the square after it’s renovation, and after I’ve looked at some of the photos of the area that my friend sometimes sends me, I can say I would like to take a gorgeous escort there for a pleasant stroll around the area. That’s what makes the major city beautiful, isn’t it? It has a place where you can get away from its commercialised area and simply walk around a lush, green area with your wife, girlfriend, or someone who you have the hots for.

2) Feeling like a princess: The Botanic Gardens & Kibble Palace

Speaking of lush green area, what woman doesn’t like being surrounded by flowers and plants? Ok, I am a bit of a tomboy; I love wearing jeans and I don’t have the most feminine personality on the planet, but my heart does melt whenever someone gives me a bouquet of lilies or an orchid plant…really, it does.

I can assure you that if you take your darling companion to the Botanic Gardens & Kibble Palace, you would make her feel like a royal princess, especially with the delicious afternoon teas that they sell at the
restaurant in the palace. I would definitely come here once you’ve felt like you’ve spent enough time in George Square, because the Gardens & Palace is similar to the square, but it’s bigger and prettier…in my opinion!

3) Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: Buchanan Street

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the most feminine girl on the planet, but I do enjoy indulging in a bit of retail therapy every now and again. And where could you go to spend a bit of cash in Glasgow? Well, Buchanan Street, of course!

This fantastic area in the city centre is known to attract visitors and locals to grab a few little necessities and luxuries that they might need back at home. Ok, I know I’m starting to sound a bit like a shopping brochure, but it’s true!

If you step into Argyll Arcade, you may never come out. If you let your chosen courtesan step into Argyll Arcade, you may never see her again unless you join the dark side!

Putting the jokes aside, I don’t think any man or woman would be able to resist spending some hard-earned money on a sophisticated suit or an elegant dress. It’s one of the best places in Glasgow that you can take your ideal escort to spoil her in; you want her to consider you as a companion with benefits, right?

4) A menu that’s never the same: The Cail Bruich Restaurant

Everyone loves to savour the finest food in Glasgow, who wouldn’t? Some men would probably be happy by just having fish and chips every night, but there would a time when they’d want to know what a real Scottish sirloin steak tastes like. So, when you’d start to feel like that at one point, which restaurant should you visit in the city centre?

More importantly, which restaurant should you visit where your gorgeous date would enjoy the atmosphere too? I will mention two restaurants in particular in this article, where the first one is the Cail Bruich.

One of the unique factors about the restaurant is that its menu changes throughout the year in accordance with the seasons, so you can be sure that the food you and your ideal lady would taste would be at its freshest and finest. In addition, Cail Bruich has its own festive lunch and dinner menu, so if you want to have a romantic dinner date at Christmas, you can always book a table for two at this inimitable food venue on Great Western Road.

5) Food that comes with a smile: The Brian Maule Restaurant

Even though Cail Bruich is considered to be a fantastic restaurant to go to amongst its guests, if you or your date would prefer to have dinner at a more minimalistic venue, then many people (or TripAdvisor) would tell you to book a table at Brian Maule. Every morsel of food that you would savour and chew would have been made by the hands of the head chef and owner of the restaurant, Brian Maule, who also greets every guest that has tried his food once his shift ends in the kitchen.

Not a lot of chefs do that; it’s a sign that they actually do care for the customers that pay good money to eat their meals. With all of the amazing things that the local people would tell you about the restaurant, you can be sure that you and your ideal escort would leave the venue with a big smile!

6) Feeling like Don and Betty: The Gin71 Bar

For me, I cannot resist a good, traditional Gin & Tonic and I’m sure that I can say the same for a lot of hot escorts in Glasgow! Therefore, if you were going to take to a bar for a couple drinks to get the conversation going (while building up some Dutch courage, you should take me to the Gin71 bar.

The venue’s vintage interior design and the nostalgic presentation of their drinks would make you and your companion feel like Don and Betty Draper in 1960’s New York. Also, you shouldn’t dismiss the bar as a place where nocturnal beings to go and have a couple of glasses at…it serve tea in the daytime too. Although, I’m pretty sure that an escort would be more tempted to have a glass of gin with you than a cup of tea at the bar!

7) Still feeling like Don and Betty: The Corinthian Bar & Restaurant

Now, you would be truly dining in luxury if you’d visit this magnificent place for a special night. The Corinthian bar & restaurant is packed full of rooms that cater to intimate couples, informal group gatherings and business consultations.

If you’re going to arrange a private table for you and your chosen escort to enjoy a succulent steak at, remember, this isn’t any ordinary bar that you can enter in your jeans and trainers. The venue has its high-class standards and chooses to keep its status intact; I’m sorry if I sound like a snobby cow but that’s what the bar & restaurant is like!

However, all of the gorgeous escorts that live in Glasgow try their damn hardest to look like Joan Holloway or Rachel Menken to please their clients, which most of them could actually be a bunch of regulars that enjoy having a girl’s night out at the Corinthian.

By the way, sorry for referencing characters from ‘Mad Men’.

8) Ending the night with passion: Blythswood Square Hotel

So, you’ve impressed your chosen escort by taking her to the Botanic Gardens, buying her gifts from Buchanan Street, eating dinner with her at Cail Brunch and drinking a couple of Gin and Tonics at the Gin71 bar.
After all of the activities you’ve done to get closer to your courtesan, your last stop for the night should be at Glasgow’s most luxurious hotel in the region, Blythswood Square.

With the 93 deluxe rooms, 6 individual suites and the exclusive penthouse that’s included in the building, no guest has ever left the hotel dissatisfied. Seriously, their rooms look so good and comfortable, even their standard rooms look three times better Kerry Katona’s bedroom.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that their rooms would be comfy and clean enough for you to have an erotic rendezvous in. Remember, the cleaner you (and the bedroom) are, the dirtier the service!

Why you should set your perfect date in Glasgow

Gentlemen, think about it.

It can be tempting for you to take your gorgeous partner to the capital city, where the architecture is lovely and the nightlife is magical, but you mustn’t forget that Glasgow is a beautiful place too! I know that it is still considered to be one of the major districts in the country and it probably has a bigger population than one single region, but if it’s not a great place, then why do so many courtesans enjoy living or visiting the city?

In addition, many men who have been punting in Scotland would say that most of the brilliant women that they have met live in Glasgow. Therefore, what you should do now is bookmark this article and share it with your friend for them to know about all of the fantastic things that would make their dates with an independent escort perfect.

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