Tips For A Last Minute Escort Booking

There is nothing worse than having a client call to make an appointment and hearing them say that they want to see you in the next fifteen minutes or half an hour. You have to make sure you prepare but in record timeā€¦ so what do you need to remember?
Getting ready


Grabbing a quick shower goes without saying. Jumping into the shower will not only refresh your skin and help keep you fresh, but it will also give you the time to plan out your next moves.

When you climb out of the shower, you will already have a plan in place for the things you need to get done, which will save you time in the long run.


For those with hair that is a little more difficult to style, leaving it in its natural state with a little volumising spray or leave-in conditioner can be the best thing to do. Try to tame it as much as you can with the sprays, using clips and hairpins to keep your style in place.

If you are one of the fortunate ones to have easy to style hair, take some time to do something with it. Running the straighteners over it can make all of the differences, and you can always put your hair into a simple but elegant up-do if you feel that style isn’t working for you.


It’s best to always have that go-to outfit ready in the closet for just such occasions, whether it is a gorgeous skirt and blouse combination or a stunning and sexy dress. If all of the items are already together you need not worry about looking around for that rogue shoe or stocking that completes the outfit.

sexy legs in black stockingsThe best last-minute outfits are those that you can simply slip into. While a beautiful dress with a corset style top may sound ideal, fastening the clips on the corset take up valuable time that you could spend doing something else. Go for something you can just slip over your hips or over your head. Other items, such as stockings, should be easy to put on so that you don’t spend time struggling with clasps.


Getting your make-up right can be difficult under time constraints. You will need to evaluate just which of your products are essentials and which you don’t necessarily need. It can be difficult, but getting the right combination can make the difference between not being ready and greeting your client at the door with a smile on your face as though you naturally wake up looking as fabulous as you do.

Consider investing in products with multiple uses, such as a moisturising illuminating primer to act as a base for your makeup and keep it in place all day long. A very fine brush of colour correcting cream or blemish balm may be all you need to lighten up your face and give you that hint of flawless skin. A brush of mascara to make your eyes pop and a touch of lipstick and you are good to go!

Finishing touches

If you have completed all of the necessary steps and find you have more time than you anticipated, you can go back to previous steps in order to make sure you are one hundred percent confident in your presentation.

Alternatively, you can inform your client that you will need more time to prepare for them. After all, you are going to this effort for them and they should understand that they cannot see you as soon as you have hung up the phone.

What is your last-minute booking advice? Share your tips in the comments below this post or on the Escort Scotland forum.

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