90 Orgasms a Day – A Lady’s Pain

Orgasms are one of the most wonderful thing in the world. It is the peak of human existence; necessarily so, as it causes humans to have sex and to procreate the species. Sometimes, you would think that you couldn’t possibly have too many orgasms. However, for the lady in this story, orgasms are destroying her life.

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Cara Anaya, a pretty 30 year old from Arizona has 90 orgasms a day. Yes, you heard me right, 90 orgasms a day! All I can say is wow!

The unfortunate lady suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorderthree years ago. The incurable condition means that she has six hours of orgasms a day.

‘Confusing and Humiliating’

Cara, who lives with her husband Tony Carlisi, 34, and young son Merrick, 10, said: “It is embarrassing and confusing and humiliating.

“When you are around children you feel like a pervert because you have all these really strong feelings rushing through your body at the same time.

“So if imagine you can’t help out in class or go on school trips because the kids don’t understand, the parents don’t understand.

“Even doing the school run is a worry because the arousal will build and build and I just have to stay in the car until it is over or try and mask it.

“It has devastated my involvement in my son’s life because I feel too dirty to be a part of it. We want him to be a normal kid but at the same time he can’t have friends around because mom has this condition.

“The worst thing is I explain it to him because he’s too young.”

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Things have got so bad, that Cara refuses to go in public places as she is constantly in a state of arousal.

“I have had to learn to control showing my arousal, remaining straight-faced, learning to breathe through it,” she said.

“It will build and build and build inside me and it’s overwhelming.

“It makes me giggle because of the momentary high and outwardly I look okay but inwardly it’s a torture.

“It is ruining my life, because it messes with your head. You body is running on a high, on an up and down, so it really affects your moods.

“Some days when it’s really bad I just want to shut the curtains and never get up.

“Other days I have little control over my body, and I will only have suffered 10 orgasms that day and I feel I could go back to work, get my life back.

“On a good day life goes on, a bad day it’s disabling but I still have to pick up Merrick from school, be a wife to Tony and make the dinner.

“On a bad day it’s like the cookie monster on cookies.”

An Interesting Shopping Trip

Cara discovered that she had a the condition when she was doing her grocery shopping. She was getting aroused by everything in sight, and soon found things were getting much worse.

The pretty young lady fell to the floor and started having numerous uncontrollable orgasms.

She said: “It was one of the most intense orgasms I had ever had and it was with no assistance.


“I was frightened and confused, I just ran out of the store and as I drove home I kept orgasming.

“This was the first time and it was six hours of constant build up and orgasm with just seconds in between. I was terrified.”

Cara suffered in silence (you know what I mean) for months due to America’s massive medical insurance costs. It was only when she had a huge 160 orgasms one day that she went to her GP, and was diagnosed with her disorder.

A Difficult Relationship

Needless to say, the issue has caused major problems in a her relationship. Before she became ill, she only ever orgasmed with he husband, and they only had sex four times a month.
“Before we would have sex a normal amount, at least once a week.

“We still have sex but it can become incredibly frustrating for both of us because I am forever aroused.”

She has tried to fix her issue by using masturbation, and even ice. However, nothing seems to be working.

“They have watched on and found it amusing, I have had to leave because I feel uncomfortable.

“I have lost friends who have claimed I’m faking it and my parents found it hard to come to terms with but they have been there for me.

“To outsiders it might sound wonderful but it is unfulfilling and shameful. I’d do anything to find a cure.


“As an illness it leaves me feeling incredibly lonely because nobody understands, and there is so little awareness of the condition.

“Right now I seek solace and advice in the online community but there just isn’t enough awareness out there. Even doctors don’t know a cure.

“I just want it to stop.”

Best of Luck

Well what can you say. You just pray that she is able to fix her condition.

So next time you feel you aren’t getting enough sex and you could be having more orgasms, think of poor Cara. There is always someone out there who is having it worse than you.

Do you know anyone else who has had this kind of condition? If so let us know in the Escort Scotland forum, or in the comments section below.


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