Personal Trainer and The Housewife

I’ve been working as a personal trainer for a number of years and luckily, being the young, well built and handsome guy I am, I have managed to build up quite a book full of contacts for my work. I visit clients throughout my day to their own homes and they also come out to my own studio.
sleep together

Some of my clients are men but the majority are women, married women who are bored at home while their husbands are out working, I would hazard a guess that when their husbands come home they don’t get much action either. These women are crazily horny and sometimes I wonder if I am paid just to distract them and provide something to perv over. Either way, it means I have quite interesting propositions from time to time, this one is the most memorable.

I went to the home of a new client one monday morning, she told me she would need twice weekly workouts and I agreed to come to her home and bring some kit for her. As I drove up the hill I was surprised at the sheer size of her home. It was a huge converted barnyard home with a giant driveway, it was also immaculate and in the driveway sat a new white convertible Audi TT. The pink dangling ornament in the window gave away it must be her car.

I parked up and knocked on the door. A woman in her 40s answered, she has way too done up for a workout, that it was almost funny, but props to her she was very attractive for her age and I almost did a double take at her tight lycra leggings and tiny top with cleavage spilling out.

We Get Sweaty

Anyway, we greeted each other and she couldn’t stop giggling, which made it slightly uncomfortable, she was wearing her blonde hair loose and took me into the living room and showed me where to get started.

I connected my iphone up to her stereo and started to explain to her what we were going to do. She smiled acknowledgment and we began to workout, I showed her how to do some squats and came behind her, showing her how to squeeze her butt properly. I watched her and began to get turned on, she was an attractive woman and wasn’t hiding her horniness her self, letting out groans and biting her lip when I came to touch her.

I asked her to get on the floor for sit-ups and came to hold her legs down so she could do the sit-ups more easy. She was sweaty and so was I.

“That’s it.” I encouraged as she did the sit-ups as instructed, I looked around the room and saw her wedding picture and photos of her children round my room and smiled devilishly to myself. I wonder how often she gets it.

“And again.” I encouraged, watching her cleavage with beads of sweat pour down her top. She stopped and in that moment grabbed my face, kissing me deeply. I was going to have her, for definite. I took charge, peeling down her trousers and her top so I could touch her, she moaned helplessly, but I decided I didn’t want foreplay.

Taking Her Doggystyle

I arched her on the mat and undressed myself, pushing myself into her doggy style, over and over again banging her, she cried like crazy and seemed to come straightaway. I was enjoying this, way too much. I felt like a king.

I kept pounding into her, grabbing her breasts and feeling our sweat against our bodies, I was in heaven. And, I laughed to myself, I was getting paid for this session.

Then I decided to take her against the wall, I pushed into her as she clung against the wall and kissed her neck, tasting the sweat. I was so turned on I nearly exploded but kept on not wanting to come yet.

She then decided she wanted to give me oral pleasure and I was happy to oblige. She got on her hands and knees and sucked me as if her life depended on it. I then came in her mouth and groaned, pushing it deeper. I was definitely satisfied.

She offered me a shower and to my surprise afterwards she didn’t even want to finish the session. I left the house with my money, smug with myself. In fact, she never called me again, maybe she was embarrassed but it was that day I realised I had possibly the best job in the world.

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