Five Steps To a Woman Having Multiple Orgasms

Everyone wants to have multiple orgasms. It is something of a holy grail for women everywhere. Let’s fact it, it can be hard for women to cum, whereas a man is usually guaranteed to do his business if there isn’t some underlying medical or psychological problem. Still, having that kind of experience is easier said than done.

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But how can a woman have multiple orgasms? Or if you are a guy, how can you make the woman in your life achieve this goal. Well, we have some really good tips here which we have gained from escorts on our site. We hope they are useful for you.

1) Clear Your Mind

One of the worst things you can do is think too much about it. I may be a man, but I know that it is when women stresses out that they struggle to cum. Just imagine how that can be magnified when you are trying to cum more than once.

So relax and just enjoy the moment. What will be will be. Remember, you are having sex which is certainly a good thing. It should never be seen as a failure if you aren’t wetting the sheets on a number of occasions. As Psalm Isadora points out, relaxation is the best first step to multiple orgasms.

2) Take Your Time

Trying for multiple orgasms is a marathon and not a sprint. This is forgotten by people who think it is a good idea to rush to the first orgasm so you can move onto the next ones.

Also, if you are in a rush this isn’t the time to try and have multiple orgasms. This is when you are really having ‘you time’. Think of it like having a long bath, not a quick shower.

So take your time and set the scene for a great enduring encounter.


3) Edge Your Orgasm

You have heard of edging yeah? That is where you are brought to the edge of an orgasm, and at that point you ease off, leaving you on the ‘edge’. That means that once you do cum, your body is aching for orgasms, leaving it willing to possibly give more. It is like you are tricking your body, or the body of your partner.


4) Change Positions Once You Cum

Variety is the spice of life, so once you cum, change things up. When I say that, I mean the technique, not the focus area. If you are more likely to cum through g-spot stimulation, go for it. It is the same if clitoral stimulation works for you.

You can also change the pressure applied on these areas. It is just a case of making your body feel something different to get it excited. If you keep doing exactly the same thing, you may well get used to it which really won’t help.


5) Concentrate on Breathing

This is a big one. Breathing floods your bloodstream with oxygen, which allows your nervous system to be more efficient. This literally increases how much pleasure your brain can process.

Therefore what you need to do is when you start to feel out of breath, get back to doing that comes naturally. Take some deep breaths; your body will certainly thank you.


In Closing

There is no way to guarantee having multiple orgasms. It is the mentality that you can which you need to get rid of. Once you relax and follow these fantastic tips, you will be screaming the place down before you know it.

Just not every time!

If you want to know about the other types of female orgasm,┬ádon’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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