Three Reasons Why All Women Love Michael Phelps!

Some of the ladies in the office are getting a little wet over the American Olympics swimmer, Michael Phelps, and it’s no surprise why they are.

Michael Phelps

I mean, have you not seen him swim in the Men’s 4x200m freestyle relay? His performance was beautiful! Well, his performance AND his slender, streamlined body…

As a lady that enjoys and appreciates a man’s physique at its peak, I believe that a short article why all of the girls are in love with Michael Phelps is needed on Escort England.

#1 Michael Phelps swims like a beautiful dolphin

If you don’t know it by now, women are complicated creatures. They always seek for perfection that can’t always be found in a man, no matter how hard that man tries to be God. For example, a bodybuilder could appear to be the most handsome God that’s been put on the face of the earth, but if his performance is shit, then bye-bye!

For those that have not seen Phelps perform in the Rio Olympics 2016, have a long, hard look at that gif, and tell me that he doesn’t look like a beautiful dolphin that looks like he’s going to ravage 20 girls when he jumps onto land.

#2 Michael Phelps can lift

Girls, the fact that most of us love strong men is embedded in our DNA; you can’t deny that fact. Don’t even try to deny it. Stop it.

And when we see strong men like Michael Phelps doing leg lifts and bench presses, well, we can’t help but let all of our ovaries burst in one go. Despite the fact that it’s necessary for a professional swimmer to do strength exercises, we can’t help but watch him work his ass off in the gym.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with saying to someone that they’re hot and sexy, no matter if that someone is a man or a woman. All of you modern feminists need to stop getting triggered so often.

#3 Michael Phelps has abs that I could eat my vegan steak off of


Yes. Yes, there is such thing as a vegan steak. (

Alongside that useful piece of dietary information, you should give yourself a few minutes, or a few days to really inspect the muscle work on Michael Phelp’s torso. Could you image performing food foreplay on a washboard like what the swimmer has?

After the 30 lbs that he had gained when he quit after the London Olympics 2012, I, and the women in the office are extremely impressed with the hard work that he’s done to not only improve his aesthetics, but his athleticism too. If I have the opportunity to see him right now, I would give him a lot of kudos, lots and lots of kudos.

…#4 Michael Phelps has a beard

Could I say anything else? Just…just keep looking at the pictures and tell me that Michael Phelps is nothing special. Go on, I dare you.

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