Why Are People Trying For A Peegasm?

Reaching orgasm isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be. We might find that our masturbation session means our orgasm is delayed, or perhaps it is just a challenge anyway. For some, it is enough that they want to find new ways to reach orgasm, and that includes going for a peegasm.

Why Are People Trying For A Peegasm

A peegasm is apparently where you hold in your desire to pee for a while. When you do finally give in it gives you a feel like an orgasm, with some calling them “mini orgasms” and others saying that they are very different to vaginal or clitoral orgasms.

Why are people trying to have peegasms… and is it actually safe to hold in your pee just so you can have a mini orgasm?

How do peegasms work?

This is an idea that has gained in popularity thanks to Reddit. The first time that I saw this thread on the sex subReddit I clicked it while thinking “this can’t be a thing”. But it seems that it is!

So how do peegasms work? Basically you hold on to your urine for as long as possible, so that you feel an intense release when you do finally let it go.

This release can feel orgasmic to some, as Dr Clare Morrison explains, and it is all because of the nerves in the pelvis. The full bladder seems to stimulate these nerves, which can lead to arousal and even orgasm.

Peegasms are strange
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How does it feel?

If you have ever held in the urge to pee then you’ll know that it can feel great to finally let it go… but is it orgasmic? We’re not convinced, but it seems that plenty of people took to Reddit to describe just how it felt to them.

The original poster on the Reddit stated that their girlfriend described the orgasms it gives her as leaving her “lightheaded and off balance”, and they it feels “different from her clit or vaginal orgasms”.

Others described it as “the piss shivers because they’re not quite orgasmic in my opinion but close enough”, which honestly sounds like the least pleasurable thing you could have named them. A better description said that “it feels like a sensational whole body massage”, which is far more appealing than “piss shivers”… but we still don’t think we want them.

If you want to enjoy watersports go for it, but don't hold it in
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What can it do?

If you listen purely to those who seem to be able to enjoy their peegasm, it is something that feels fantastic and leaves you enjoying the high of an unusual orgasm. However, it is something that doctors and healthcare professionals are advising against.

As Dr Clare Morrison said over on Cosmopolitan “this ‘practice would be most unwise.” Which, to us, is enough of a warning that we won’t try this for ourselves. However, you might want a little more detail.

Dr Morrison goes on to explain that “holding on to urine could lead to urinary infections and even kidney damage”, which seems like a hell of a side effect from holding in your pee to try and get a peegasm. Still tempted to try it?

Unless you want a UTI, we'd advise avoiding this trick
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Forget the peegasm

Personally, we don’t see anything wrong with enjoying orgasms in other, safer ways. Yes, a peegasm sounds like an interesting idea. Reaching orgasm simply by holding your pee in is definitely something many are curious about… but it seems a little too risky.

If you are struggling to close the orgasm gap then you might need to seek other help. There is a website working to close it. You can even talk to your partner to see what you can do to make their orgasm possible.

As for having peegasms, we’re going to pass on that. Why not just jump into bed with your partner instead of trying to hold in your pee? Have you any experience with these peegasms? Let us know how you feel about them by leaving a comment in the box below.

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