Missionary With A Side Of Sauciness!

It’s the most used position in sex. Missionary position aligns the cock on top of the pussy in a full body on body experience. It’s a powerful sexual position that allows everyone to see everything.

A couple enjoying missionary sex

It’s been called the male superior position, the Mama-Papa position and in William Shakespeare’s Othello, it was called “The beast with two backs.” In the animal kingdom chimpanzees, gorillas and armadillos are missionary enthusiasts too! It’s a primal power play position that ensures deep penetration thanks to the dude pumping and thrusting.

In history, the missionary position has been found depicted on ancient Greek pottery and in the early art of the Romans, Peruvians, Chinese and Japanese. Why then is this beloved position dubbed the plain vanilla sex position? Perhaps because at first it may seem unimaginative. Yet the majority of the positions described in the Kama Sutra involve the woman lying on her back while her legs are in a variety of kinky positions.

The Missionary position is a lot like cheese pizza, plain but saucy

Let’s explore all the possible layers one can add to this simple delicious delicacy. Focus on raising the elevation of the ‘kitty’ by placing a pillow under the woman’s back or butt. With this added height and as she raises her legs during sex, she’s effectively adjusting the depth and angle of the cock-a-doodle-doo’s penetration!

Let’s take it up a notch by tilting the seat back. She should lie on her back toward the foot end of the bed. Once the dude mounts her, she can slowly inch her head, shoulders and arms off the end of the bed. This is the Dirty Dangle!

If she can manage to put her legs completely behind her head then she’s really flexible! This completely exposes her pleasurable treasure box and it’s an extremely deep penetrating position. If she can’t put her legs behind her head, he can help hold her legs in a more comfortable position. This is the Viennese oyster!

Make it your mission to take missionary to the next level!

Turn up the temperature by placing her legs over his shoulders. Now she’s in the deepest possible position for penetration available and the cock can officially go deep sea va-ja-jay diving! By the way, stamp your sexual passport because you’ve officially arrived at the position called, the anvil!

Get ready to evolve out of the cocoon of missionary. When she’s lying on the edge of something and he’s standing up shagging her, she can move her pelvis and grind against his cock. In this explosive angle, you’ve blossomed into the butterfly position!

For a position designed to make clits happy, the coital aligment technique reigns supreme! By exciting the pleasure pearl with the man’s pelvic bone or the base of his cock, a thrilling rocking back and forth motion is a one way ticket to orgasm land. This position is called grinding the corn!

5 tips to add sexy sauce to the missionary position

1. Pillow under that sexy butt!

2. Sexy eye contact!

3. Play with that sexy clit!

4. Breathe deeply to feel deeply!

5. Raise and rearrange her sexy legs!

Enjoy letting the dude roar his dominance in this position. Revel in the woman’s power to move against the man’s rhythm and manipulate further pleasure. In missionary, she can thrust against him, moving her hips clockwise or counterclockwise, flexing her pussy walls while doing Kegels and playing with her pleasure button. The sexiest ingredient to add to missionary is to alter the height of her legs since this affects the angle and depth of the joy stick’s penetration!

The most important key to the missionary position is to be explorative. If variety is the spice of life, season this sexy position with creativity. In summary, the missionary position is most like a cheese pizza because it hits the spot every time.

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