The Little Turn Ons To Try In Bed

There are so many different ways that you can turn someone on in the bedroom, but we tend to go for the big things: stroking their legs to let them know that your hand is going to touch them where they really want it; kissing their neck; calling their name during sex. These are all great things for you to do, but there are also a number of smaller turn ons that you can try in the bedroom to get your partner in the mood.

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Here on the Escort Scotland blog we take a look at some of the hottest turn ons that you can try on your partner to get them dripping wet and ready for set, and all they require is a little bit of action to try for yourself.

Lose your breath

Dirty talk is great in the bedroom, especially if your partner puts their lips close to yours in the middle of sex and starts to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. However, it can be hard to know what to say, and when you go too far with the dirty talk it can really ruin the moment. As Ronan Keating once sang: “you say it best when you say nothing at all”.

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So instead of racking your brain trying to think of the perfect thing to say in the bedroom: say nothing. Instead, use your breathing to show how turned on you are. A long sigh as they are going down on you will show them that you are really enjoying it… and if you keep letting out short breaths in the middle of sex, you are signalling to them that you are getting close. All without saying a word.

Ear, ear!

If you want to turn someone on with kisses, licks, and light nibbles, you’ll probably go for the neck. You’ll plant lots of light kisses over the neck and collar bone before letting yourself drift further down. You might even lightly bite on them if you are into the whole vampire sex fantasy.

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However, a lot of people neglect the ear. The ear is incredibly sensitive, and having someone gently kissing, licking, and nibbling it is a huge turn on. Give the ear some more attention and you’ll find that it is one of the greatest turn ons you can exploit in the bedroom.

Ball play

Your balls are pretty sensitive, and having someone play with them is one of the best turn ons ever. However, they only really seem to get attention during oral sex or a sensual massage, right? It is pretty disappointing when that happens, so if you want to enjoy something a little different, encourage your partner to play with your balls during sex.

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This works even better if your partner is on top. As they ride you and you play with their tits and clit, they can reach back and squeeze your balls with one hand. It will make you feel instantly horny and ready to blow your load, so try to save it until that perfect moment.

Face to face

A lot of people love the girl on top position, and it is easy to see why. You get to lie back and enjoy the show while she bouncing up and down on your dick. You can even tweak her nipples or rub her clit if you want to help her get to orgasm that little bit quicker.

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However, you can actually change the position slightly to make it even better. As she fucks you, slowly sit up. You’ll now be face to face with her still straddling you. Take hold of her face and keep eye contact as she fucks you. It will feel incredible and very intimate, leading to an explosive orgasm for both of you.

Keeping it quiet

Sometimes sex can get very loud. This is great if you are somewhere where making a lot of noise isn’t a problem, but a lot of the time it can make you feel very self conscious. This can actually be turned into one of the hottest turn ons in bed, and all you have to do is get your partner to be a little quieter.

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The best way to do it is to put a finger over her mouth when she starts to get louder. Don’t do it forcefully. Just a light touch will work. Some like to make a “shh” sound with it, but a lot find this a turn off. Instead, whisper into their ear, telling them that you want to see if they can stay quiet while you fuck them hard. They will love the challenge and you’ll get turned on to see them biting their lip to try and stop themselves from moaning too loudly.

A twist on missionary

The missionary position is a favourite for many. It is easy to get into and gives you control during sex, which is fantastic is you both want to go hard and fast. If you really like the feeling of control and your partner is into it, there is another way you can get them really turned on.

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Get their hands together, crossed at the wrists, and use one hand to hold them above her head. You can then use the other to rub her clit and get her to orgasm, and you’ll be able to get some really hard and fast thrusts in this way. This is one of the biggest turn ons for both of you, and you will really enjoy it.

Talking about your turn ons

Everyone has different things that turn them on in the bedroom. What works really well for you might not work so well for others, so the key is to experiment and talk to your partner about it. They might feel that you are getting close to a breakthrough and something they love, so talk about it. The worst that happens is that they say it didn’t turn them on.

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Perhaps you are looking for inspiration in the bedroom? Why not try one of these 5 fun sex games or head over to the Escort Scotland forum and join in the discussion there? You might just get some great sex tips to try in the future.

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