A Hot Q&A Session With Zoe Jaspers

You know, I’m a very open person. I like to spread information and anecdotes on the internet for educational purposes as well as humour. Before I left my desk on December 24th, 2016, to wrap myself under a thick duvet with a cup of hot chocolate that was mixed with whisky, I opened my ‘Ask Box’ on my Tumblr account for the first time on the site where it’s socially acceptable to post Hentai and Daddy porn.

A Hot Q&A Session with Zoe Jaspers

When I returned to my desk in the New Year, I was excited to see a couple of interesting questions stacked up in my ask box. When I say ‘interesting questions’, I mean questions that you would search for on Google Chrome Incognito. The questions that are ok to ask your bromance friends, but not your girlfriend of 6 months.

So, the first question that appeared in my box was…

Do you think more girls like people going down on them, or do they prefer face-sitting?

My answer: Whether it would be the person going down on them, or the person getting sat on, all (if not most) girls would always enjoy getting their pussy eaten out. Techniques would always vary if the girl is quite dominant or submissive.

Here is my explanation.

I’ve mentioned in some of my other articles that a penis is like a big clit with fewer nerve endings. And like a penis, you need to lick and suck the clit all over if you want the money shot to happen in the bedroom. Hence, no woman would cum from just lying back and feeling like her pussy is getting tickled by Tinker Bell.

Do women prefer or like to do facesitting or have the partner go down on her pussy?
Original source: Tumblr

In my opinion, the face-sitting position is for women that like to be in control; for women that I could imagine them saying:

‘Bitch, I’m gonna fuck your face and you’re gonna like it.’

Just a little note: you should try doing the sideways 69 position more often; a comfortable and pleasurable position to be in. Next question…

Is period sex really good for a girl’s menstrual cycle?

My answer: Period sex won’t have any effect on a girl’s menstrual cycle; it’s completely hormonal.

Care to explain, Zoe? Well, menstrual cycles and period flows are different.

Menstrual cycles are altered by hormonal changes, the number of nutrients you’re consuming, and the lifestyle that a woman would have. The only way that period sex can affect a girl’s menstrual cycle is if you’re not using protection and you cum inside her. This could cause the girl to lose her period of 9 months, if you know what I mean…

Period sex itself can be considered as a taboo; it's already considered to be a fetish. But a lot of guys and girls wonder if period sex would affect the menstrual cycle.
Original source: Tumblr

Having period sex while Aunt Flow is staying in the house could make her leave earlier than expected. Periods are just monthly phases when the uterus just sheds the blood, right? So, when a girl climaxes, her flow could immediately soak the towel, which would mean that there would be less blood to shed the next day.

Ok, final question for me to answer today…

What are some great sex positions to hit her G-Spot?

My answer: For me, doggy style and the downward dog worked well. There are a couple of other sex positions that would make you hit the G-Spot as if you’re playing ‘High Striker’ in a carnival.

The missionary position with the girl’s legs up and the cowgirl stance are able to make any woman feel like you’re pushing the button right. However, as I’ve stated when answering the first question, techniques can vary from woman to woman.

The downward dog, doggy style, missionary and cowgirl may sound simple and boring, but they're know to be the best positions to hit her g-spot
Originals source: Tumblr

The Doggy Style and the Downward Dog are both similar, but they both can make you moan ‘Oh, God!’ in two different ways. The ‘Oh, God!’ phrase can apply to both men and women, but when it comes to G-Spots, no man could feel it more than a woman can.

Well, except for homosexual guys and pegging lovers.

I may sound like a 16-year-old extrovert-introvert hipster that’s internet famous right now, but my ask box is still open if you want to ask me more weird sexually explicit questions.

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