Should An Escort Be Allowed To Take Your Virginity?

I don’t know what it was like for the generation before mine, but popping the cherry, breaking the seal, or in other words, losing the virginity, didn’t become a thing I had to cross off my friend’s bucket-list until 1 or 2 years after puberty hit us.

Should an escort be allowed to take your virginity

Most of my mates back in high school already started sleeping with each other when they turned 14 or 15. I remember a gossip going around where one girl did it with her boyfriend of 6 months while her parents were in the same house, which I think would be too awkward for me to do.

But recently, one guy told me that he lost his virginity by fucking a girl on his teacher’s desk when he was 15 at his old school. Seriously, that’s no lie; he showed me what position he was in and everything.

After hearing about everyone’s stories about how they lost their V-Card, I haven’t met or heard of anyone close to me that still has one in their back jean pocket.

Not everyone can lose their virginity as easily as the acquaintances I’ve just mentioned. Not everyone is sexually fluid, an extrovert with charisma, or isn’t having a moral crisis. I think it’s a universal fact that the older we get, the harder it is to find someone that we can connect with in more ways than one.

Sure, we have Tinder and Plenty of Fish, but having an account on those sites is like playing romance roulette; you’ll never know what kind of asshole or man-eater you might end up with. It’s not surprising why some people turn to escorts when they want to experience the kind of intimacy that they’d desire, especially if they want to have their ‘first time’ with someone beautiful and kind.

However, in the society we live and breathe in right now, there would always be a heated debate about subjects that shouldn’t always matter. For example, dive into the topic in this article, and ask yourself:

Should an escort be allowed to take my virginity?

Yes, escorts should be allowed to pop your cherry

As mentioned before, some people aren’t as sexually fluid as others are. What do I mean by ‘sexually fluid’? Some guys aren’t sure how to appeal to someone that they’d have their eyes on.

If a timid man would end up acting awkward in front of a girl in a bar, that girl would think that you’re a weirdo. I’m not going to lie, women are judgemental, no matter how much they would try and deny it.

Furthermore, women enjoy gossiping with other girls. Why do you think they always hang around in velociraptor packs? Alongside sexual fluidity, there’s also the problem of social anxiety that isn’t as rare as it may sound.

Escorts know how to console clients that have anxiety, disordered thinking, or other issues that they cannot solve so easily. When you book an appointment with a courtesan, her attention and services will be focused on you. She would be able to teach you the ways to touch another woman, and give you the experience of feeling satisfaction and ecstasy in the bedroom.

Yes, escorts should be allowed to take your virginity, you're just paying them for a service that you desire
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If virgins in their late 20s or 30s don’t have a problem with being around strangers in a foreign room, then maybe they want to make the experience completely memorable. What do I mean by that?

You always hear stories of people making sure that their first time if perfect. You know, mood lighting, roses, lavender incense and all of that ‘American Sweetheart’ crap.

Some guys just want to try something different and still receive exactly what they’ve imagined in their heads. What kind of people would be able to provide them with the best ‘first-time’ that they’d ever have? Escorts. Not every guy would have the intention of losing their virginity to someone that they’re in love with; they might just want it over and done with.

When it comes to escorts, they are the best service providers that those virgins would hire for a 1-hour intimacy session. Whether you’d like to have a GFE or a PSE, you can be sure that you’d find the lady or man that can give you what you want.

However, with that being said, not everyone would say that you should drop off your V-Card to an escort.

No, escorts have no right to take your V-Card

You’ve already heard about the view that many mainstream people have against escorts, right? They’re either slated or pitied by the local mass.

There are a few points that I’ve raised in the previous section that I’ll flip around for a very important reason; not everyone is going to see an answer the same way as you would. Depending on how much you care for your virginity, you’d probably want to make it something that you wouldn’t want to regret.

You probably want to lose it with someone that you love very much. After all, sex feels so good when you do it with someone that you really like.

The ‘American Sweetheart’ scenario might actually be what you want to have, but you’re too embarrassed to say it in your group of friend in case you get laughed at. There’s nothing wrong with that.

The first time I did it was with my boyfriend from Sixth Form College. We were both virgins at the time, we only had the lamp on in my room, and it was sweet. I managed to cum on my first time, which I didn’t think I would. Kudos to me!

losing your virginity has more sentiment than you think, so escorts shouldn't be allowed to tke your virginity
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But what am I trying to get at? I’m trying to get you to consider the notion that an escort cannot give you everything that you’d want during your ‘first-time’. A courtesan may be able to satisfy all of your sexual needs, but not your sentimental ones. Therefore, you might want to find a certain someone that can make you feel like Katy Perry in her ‘Firework’ music video, and lose your virginity to him or her.

That’s not to say you can’t fall in love with an escort; shit like that happens more times than you think it does. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll get the happy ending that you want. Well, the romantic happy ending that you want.

Escorts won’t have an intimate relationship with you unless you’re really, really special to them. Escorting is what they do for a living, and they wouldn’t want anything to mess up their finances.

I know that people before the age of 20 would want to make their ‘first-time’ romantic, but for people under the age of 30 that would have different circumstances and mixed feelings, the idea of meeting a courtesan may be a bit too daunting for them to handle.

What do you guys think?

At the end of the day, people will have different opinions about this kind of topic because they all have different morals. Some guys think that a courtesan taking a virginity is just something they’d do as part of their services, while others would say that your virginity shouldn’t be given away so easily.

should escorts be allowed to take a client's virginity or not?
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What do you guys think? Should an escort be allowed to take your virginity if he or she would be offered to do it?

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