Ashley Madison Is Back With a New Message

It has been a year since the Ashley Madison website was notoriously hacked, and all of the confidential data about the users was leaked onto various social media sites. It was one of the biggest doxes that has publicised on the net.

Couple having sex

12 months later, Ashley Madison got a new CEO, a new slogan and a new advert. Well, 3 adverts to be precise.

3 adverts targeted for singles, monogamous and poly relationships

The 3 adverts have already received negative opinions from the people that spared 3 minutes of their time to watch them. To be honest, Ashley Madison was bound to receive that kind of feedback no matter what, due to its background on targeting people that wanted to have an affair.

Their previous ads expressed a cheery, carefree vibe that tells you to go and fuck someone that’s not your wife because you’ll feel happy after, which oddly enough, makes me think of the pina colada song. However, their latest ads gave me a different outlook on what they were trying to offer.

You can already see that the dating site is trying to convey an empathetic approach to its viewers, like the way that LoveMatch and EHarmony make their adverts look sentimental by including poignant indie music, warm illumination and guys that have bird nests for hair.

In the hotel advert, we see a woman. Woman is a business lady. Woman has couples therapy with her husband. Woman cuts the cucumber in the most depressing way possible. Woman goes on a business trip. Woman smiles at Ted Danson lookalike and woman thinks about doing something with Ted Danson lookalike.

It’s interesting how some of the commenters talked about the way that it only targets people in their mid-thirties that seem to hate their lives, or the way that the site is an immoral creation that Hell’s lobbyists have manifested. One thing that I do have to point out is that cheaters do not need help cheating, which I will talk about later in this article.

So, man wakes up. Man eats breakfast. Man goes to work and contemplates about life when he looks at the clock from his desk. Man goes on subway. Man stares at another woman who stares back at him. Man and woman have a staring competition which turns into a game on who can make the biggest smile. Woman gets off subway, and man continues to smile at himself.

The comments from the subway ad weren’t the same as the comments in the hotel commercial, where they all began to assume that the lady in the commercial was a robot.

One commenter mentioned that the man looks like a witch, not a wizard, a witch. Hey, witches can find their moments too; romantic and sexual sparks don’t solely occur to princesses.

Then the commenters started to have a go at Tom Rosenthal, the singer in the background, for selling his soul to Ashley Madison, which is harsh. I watched this commercial after the hotel one and I like how it makes the site look appealing to singletons, rather than guys and girls who appear to have husbands and wives that are dire in the bedroom; that’s a sign that the site isn’t about infidelity anymore.

Here we have a good-looking couple. Good-looking couple appears happy in the first 10 seconds when they’re in the subway and sitting on the sofa. Good-looking couple starts to look a little bored another 10 seconds later. Good-looking couple goes to a party and chats to a good-looking woman. Good-looking couple and good-looking girl stare at each other and begin to think about non-monogamous activities.

So, the site also caters to swingers and people that want to get involved in polygamous relationships and sex. Fantastic! However, the commenters don’t think that it condones the ‘ethics and morals’ of the site. Some of them even go out to contradict themselves by stating that they’re happy about the Ashley Madison being open to poly relationships, but they still hate the website. People love to contradict themselves.

Open your mind a little bit

Some of you reading this article right now may have already formulated an opinion about the Canadian website, and that’s understandable; I’m not going to bash you and say that you’re wrong. However, if you are going to say that the site should get taken down, or they deserve to get hacked again, I will ask you this question:

What makes Ashley Madison any different to all of the other dating websites and directories that are on the internet?

Is it solely because the site provides more options that would look appealing to certain types of people? Or is it because the site has enough balls to point out that people still see other people, no matter what their circumstances are.

As I will elaborate now, cheaters do not need help cheating; they can simply find another person to fuck or get connected with on their own. Also, some of the commenters that have a narrow-minded view on the site don’t know all of the reasons why people would use Ashley Madison. There might be a very small percentage of people using the site to cheat on their spouses, and the bigger percentage of clients have partners that are aware and accepting of their purpose on the site, due to the reality that they have personal or physical needs that can’t be fulfilled by just their spouse.

What is ethical and what is unethical is too big of a philosophical subject to delve into at this point. If anything, that’s not particularly the reason why you come to this directory.

The difference between Escort Scotland and Ashley Madison

Many punters come to Escort Scotland to find courtesans that are able to satisfy their physical needs; many punters may have come to this page because you saw ‘Ashley Madison’ in the title and knew that it’s a trending topic right now. It’s not recommended that you fall in love with the ladies on this site because they don’t mix their business with pleasure; that’s the big, if not one of the big differences between Escort Scotland and Ashley Madison.

However, when it comes to the Madison website, there’s no barrier that could stop you from getting infatuated with a person that you’d meet on there, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re looking for something more than physical pleasure.

What point am I trying to bring across here? Well, there is obviously a moral debate going on about monogamy and infidelity where Ashley Madison is the subject in question, but people shouldn’t slate the site for giving others what they want or need.

The message that Madison wants to express is that it’s able to offer you something that would be able to help you on what you want to do with yourself, or with your current relationship. Whatever opinion you have on the site and on the concept, are your own, and do not reflect everyone else’s opinions on them.

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