Did Donald Trump Win Because of Misogyny and Racism?

So, Donald Trump is President. Who would have thought of it? Certainly not me. I was so convinced that Clinton would win that I went to bed. I woke up about 7, checked my phone, and found that Trump was nearly over the line. Needless to say, the recriminations have started pretty fast.

Donald Trump

A lot of it is based around the fact Hillary Clinton was aiming to become the first female President in history. She spoke about breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’, making her campaign based on gender. We even had pop star Beyonce saying Hillary needed to win because she wanted ‘her daughter to grow up with a woman as President’. The ‘woman card ‘was being hit mercilessly.

Worrying Accusations

On the other hand, Donald Trump was filmed making comments ascertaining to forcing himself on women. After that, you had a number of women coming forward saying Donald Trump had sexually assaulted them. None of these have, as of yet, gone to court, so we have no idea if he is guilty, but a picture of the man was certainly being painted.

Well, November the 9th came, and Trump won. In all the battleground states (states that aren’t obviously Democrat or Republican) he won. He needed to win them all, which is what he did.

Well, amid the shock, many Clinton fans are saying their candidate lost because of misogyny and racism. They argue that if Clinton was male, she would have won easily. They state that white males voted against her due to them wanting to wrest control of the country back, after years of social progress. But is this actually true?

I am going have to say it. What a load of crap!

Now we are all in a agreement, misogyny does exist. I hate that fact. Certain individuals are from a bygone age, and I never want to go back to the time where those views were commonplace. However, the reasons Clinton lost were more complicated than that.

The American economy is in a mess. The rich have got richer, yet the working class have seen their living standards drop through the floor. They are struggling to feed their families, they are worried about keeping a roof over their head. Things are not good.

A Real Disconnect

However, the country is very divided on racial lines. The left loves to talk about ‘white privilege’, basically stating that whites have it good, and minorities have it bad. Sadly, white men and women don’t recognise this world. They are poor. Why are they being told they have all this privilege? It leaves them angered, as they feel those in power are ignorant of their suffering. Therefore, when someone comes along and says they understand them and will help them, they lap it up.

Let us deal with gender politics now. News flash, no-one who is struggling cares about gender politics. Whether it is a woman or a man in charge of a country, the working person doesn’t care, they just want someone who can help them through their problems. Having a complete policy vacuum and just talking about how it is a ‘woman’s turn’ is almost offensive to them.

One thing needs to be remembered. More white women voted Trump than Hillary. The figures are there, just look them up. This can’t be misogyny, it has to be more deep rooted than that.

I am not here to say that Donald Trump is a great guy. Some of his comments about women, Hispanics, Muslims, disabled people, and many others, are disgraceful. I am also not sure his policies are are going to help the people he claims to represent. Still, if the left continue to blame defeat on misogyny and racism, they just reinforce to those voters they lost that they aren’t listening to the real reason they didn’t vote for them.

All I can say is that I wish America luck. If Trump continues down his current road, it might just need it.

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2 thoughts on “Did Donald Trump Win Because of Misogyny and Racism?”

  1. Trump didn’t win because of racism or misogyny, he won because Hillary is not the best person to pick.
    I would have chosen a half deaf and blind donkey to run a country over Hillary.
    Trump isn’t going to be a great president, but I don’t think that he will be as bad as people make him out to be.
    I just can’t believe there are people fighting in the US.; I watched a video this morning of 2-3 black men beating up a white Trump supporter.
    Would it have happened the other way? Yes it would, but the news would have been a much bigger story.

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