1 Day Tours Coming To Escort Scotland!

Many of you will want your advert to be sitting at the top of the page. The higher you are on the listings, the more likely you are to be seen by potential clients. You might be looking for a quick way to bump yourself to the top, and you can now do this with the 1 Day Tour!

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The 1 Day Tour is a new product coming to Escort Scotland, and using it will give you so many different benefits. Already want to get started? Choose your bundle now!


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What is a 1 Day Tour?

Tours aren’t new to Escort Scotland. Previously, you will have been able to purchase 3 Days, 7 Days, and 30 Days packages to help give your advert a bit of a boost and gain more attention.

For some people this wasn’t enough. If they found themselves in a new area at the last minute and wanted to work, they were hoping for more flexibility. Now you have it, thanks to the 1 Day Tour product we are launching here on Escort Scotland.

From the day you purchase the tour until the beginning of the following day, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits. Your advert will be bumped to the 1st position on the homepage, search pages, and location pages for the areas you’re touring.

The 1 Day Tour Benefits

By moving your advert to the 1st position on the different location pages, search pages, and on the homepage, you’ll get more attention. The 1st position puts you ahead of a number of other adverts, and when punters are looking for potential dates, you’ll be one of the first that they see.

The higher up you are, the more likely you are to get clicks. More profile clicks could lead to more bookings, and if you are new to an area looking for clients, this is the perfect way to do it.

The benefits of the 1 Day Tour are going to help out so many of you eager to give your advert that little boost it needs to draw the gaze of potential clients. If you don’t feel like it’s enough, keep reading to learn about the bundles.

What Is A Gold And Platinum Bundle?

For the launch of the 1 Day Tour, we have put together some bundles. These bundles will not only give you the benefits of the 1 Day Tour, but they also have a number of other useful features you’ll want to take advantage of.

The 1 Day Gold gives you the 1 Day regular advert, as well as a 1 Day double advert. Double adverts are, as you might have guessed, double the advertising space. Your advert will take up more room on the homepage, search pages, and location pages, meaning that you are sure to catch the eyes of potential punters!

The 1 Day Platinum bundles give you all of that with the addition of a Top Advert. Top Adverts are the first ones that you see on the website, before you get to the standard adverts. A Top Advert puts you in the perfect position to be seen!

Buy A 1 Day Tour And Bundle

Boosting your advert with a 1 Day Tour is a great idea. It shows clients exactly where you are and, if you use a bundle, you can then catch the eyes of even more potential clients. It could get you more business, so why not try it out? You can see for yourself just how great they could be for your business.


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