Woman Goes Mental After She is Refused Mid-Air Romp!

A lot of people want to enter the mile high club. It has, for as long as air travel has been accessible to the masses, been a major fantasy for both men and women alike. A number of people manage to take the risk and make that fantasy reality. But then again, many will be left disappointed.

The best way to cope with that disappointment is to brush it off as ‘one of those things’. It is certainly not a good idea to get angry and begin shouting loud, expletive-laden threats at the passenger who turned you down.

Trouble on Board

This is apparently what transpired on a Delta Airlines flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City. A female passenger seemingly got very drunk and made sexual advances towards the person sat next to her. When this pass was rebuffed, she got very angry indeed.

The woman can be heard repeatedly threatening to “f***ing kill” the person sat next to her, and warning the cabin crew not to touch her.

Things got so bad that flight crew handcuffed her, and then diverted the flight to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport so she could be handed over to airport police.

The authorities are now looking to charge her with causing a disturbance.

Thankfully (for us), in the digital age, this whole sorry incident was captured on the camera phone of one of the other passengers. Two videos can be seen below.

So have any of you ever joined the mile club? If so, let us know about in the comments section below!

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