Why We Love Watersports And How To Play

Our kinks and fetishes are as varied as we are. While I’m happy to play the switch during sex, I have friends who prefer to stick with just one role. I have some friends with foot fetishes, while others love nothing more than fear play. For anyone without a kink, they can be difficult to understand.

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One kink that many find themselves curious about is watersports. It goes by many names, but typically involves someone urinating for someone else. There are so many different things that you can do with watersports, from simply watching it happen to being humiliated by it.

So what is it that draws people to this kinky act, and how can you get involved and play?

Other names for it

While I tend to refer to this act as watersports, it goes by many other different names. Wikipedia summarises a few of them, suggesting that it can be known as urolagnis, urophilia, undinism, and golden showers.

Whatever name it goes by or you know it as, the act is simple to describe. Wikipedia states that it is a fetish “in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination”. Many assume that piss play in this way means drinking it, but that isn’t always the case.

Yes, some choose to consume it, while others might want to bathe in it. Some just want to watch the act happen, as they get a kinky thrill from it. This fetish is varied because of the number of different ways you can enjoy it, meaning that it can fit different needs.

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Common ways to play

Popular belief around the subject suggests that people will get pissed on regularly, and that is the extent of play. That isn’t the case. It is one of the ways that you can enjoy it, but there are so many other things that you can do.

Some simply like to watch the act. It might be joining their partner in the bathroom simply want they want to pee, or they might stand in the shower with them while they do it. Most people pee in the shower, so being with your partner as they do will give you the chance to see it happen in a more relaxed setting.

Some want to take it further. They want their partner to piss on them, simply because they love the way that it feels. Others might want it this way because it humiliates them. A number of people might also consume it because it feels kinky, and being used as a human urinal adds to the humiliation play.

The shower is a common place for it
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Why we love it

There are so many different reasons why it turns us on, and it varies from person to person. It can also change depending on the way that they like to enjoy it. For some, it is simply the fact that it is such a taboo that turns them on. Being told that they should enjoy it makes it even more tempting, and that thrills us.

Others love that it ties into domination. Being told to watch someone piss, or receiving orders to keep drinking water until we pee, is exciting. A domme might make you hold it until you piss yourself, or they might make you watch and then clean up when they have made a mess. It adds another level of servitude to it.

As mentioned before, some are into it because it is humiliating. Someone using you as a urinal, or making you pee yourself by trying to hold it in, makes people feel humiliated and they love that feeling. It gives a thrill like no other.

It's naughty, which makes it kinky
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Enjoying watersports

You might have decided that this is the kind of play you want to try for yourself. If so, then there are a few things that you should do. Following these suggestions below will help to ensure that you have a fun time.

First of all, you should be hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand, roughly an hour or so, to ensure that the urine comes freely. You don’t want to have to hang around and wait for it to happen. This is important even if you aren’t the one peeing, as consuming pee when dehydrated isn’t going to work well for you.

Dehydration is one of the biggest worries and risks, so try to avoid strenuous activities that could leave you dehydrated before you play. If any equipment is involved, sterilise it first. You want to have good clean fun!

Drinking a lot of water helps
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Your thoughts on this kink

I’ll admit that I haven’t had the chance yet to explore watersports, but it is something I am open to. If a future partner wants to try it then I am definitely willing to give it a go! However, it isn’t for everyone.

You might have read this and found that you aren’t any wiser about why people do it. So tell us your thoughts. You can use the comment box below to share them with us!

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