Why Do People Become Escorts?

I have to say, when I joined this company five years ago, I was seriously ignorant about the realities of the industry. I had this pre-conception that people chose to be sex workers because they didn’t really have that many options. They were foreigners who needed to have a job to live over here, or undereducated natives who believed that sex work was better than starving. This was something that was drilled into me by the media, but I quickly realised that that narrative was complete and utter bollocks.

Shot of a naked woman enjoying his lover's touch
Shot of a naked woman enjoying his lover’s touch

It was actually speaking to the escorts on the phone and our then forum which put me right. I quickly grasped the fact that there were many different reasons people became escorts and a variety of people who chose to do it.

Many Good Reasons

For many, becoming a sex worker beats out having a run of the mill 9-5 job or doing traditional shift work. It is a job where they can choose their own hours and not be subject to a boss giving them grief on a daily basis. They are their own master and that is they key.

We live in an era of zero hour contracts and whether people eat seems to be dependent on the whim of company owners. Once again this is where taking control is a great for escorts. THEY choose when they work and they will never be left thinking if their boss is going to give them no hours the next week. Yes escorts are self employed and there is always an inherent risk with that, but at least they are working the hours so have a chance, whilst zero hours contracts leave you screwed and there is nothing you can do about it.

We are all looking to strike a home-life balance. For many of us who work traditional jobs, that is very difficult. However, with an escort they get to set their hours and work what they want. That means that a family or social life (depending any where they are at that moment) can take priority. No-one is going to tell them otherwise. It is something I think most of us wish we could do.

But what kind of people actually become sex workers? Well it could be anyone. Irrespective of education level, these positive factors I mentioned are just too appealing for men and women who have a high sex drive and have the ability to treat sex as a job.

Is it a Good Career Choice?

How much would an escort earn though? Is it worth it for a highly educated person to become one? Well, the answer is we just don’t know. Different escorts earn different cash. Some will be rolling in it, others will earn enough to get by. That all comes down to reputation, location, and the economy. The individual escort will make the judgement call themselves whether they believe it is worth it. Cash is only part of it though and that will be weighed in with the freedom the role gives you when they work out if it is the right industry for them.

I would like to thank the escorts over the last five years who have given me a proper view of the industry. It is only with education that ignorance will be beaten, and in doing so make sure that sex workers everywhere get the rights and protections they so deserve.

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