What Should You Do if Blackmailed Over Seeing Escorts?

I sat down on Monday night to watch a really fascinating programme on Channel 4. It was called ’24 Hours in Police Custody’ and it centred around a blackmail attempt on a man who used a sex worker.

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The man had received oral sex from a prostitute but then got a letter on his van windscreen saying that if he didn’t leave a grand in a ditch for someone to pick up then they would inform his family what he had done. Obviously the guy crapped himself but instead of paying up, he went to the police to complain.

A Surprising Perpetrator

It eventually turned out that it was in fact a policeman who had been blackmailing him. DC Gareth Suffling ended up getting three years for his actions. His conduct seemed bewildering. By all accounts he was a great officer, so why risk everything for a grand? Plus his use of a police computer to get the address of the victim seemed the height of stupidity. The story made zero sense.

However, as well as making great TV for me and the Mrs with a bottle of red, it did get me thinking, I need to do an advice blog for if this happens to anyone on here.

Firstly, as was stated on the programme, buying sex is not illegal. Therefore you are not in any legal difficulty. That is the first thing we need to remember. You are NOT going to get arrested.

Should You Pay?

The police will also try to keep your name out of the public domain. There won’t be a mad dash to tell your wife or girlfriend. In all likelihood, this will be kept quiet so you won’t be exposing yourself to unwanted publicity.

But what happens if you pay the ransom? Will they go away? Well, as was also mentioned in the programme, no. They will more than likely come back for higher and higher amounts as they know you are in panic mode and are willing to pay. There is no honour here as they are scum. They are going to squeeze you until the pips squeak.

When all this is considered, you should definitely go to the police if you are blackmailed. They can get to the bottom of who is targeting you and can then turn the tables on them.

Of course this scenario is unlikely to ever happen, but it is best to have all the knowledge for if it does.

Now get back to looking for escorts. That is much more fun than dealing with worst case scenarios like this.

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