US Airways Sends Out A Graphic, Offensive Tweet To Customer! (Graphic Content)

Social media, in the forms of Twitter and Facebook is a very important tool for businesses today. It helps create an image of the brand, as well as helping reach new customers, which will of course improve revenue. Still, when you have a raving moron working on your team, then the results can be a PR disaster.

This is what happened when US Airways tweeted an extremely graphic photo to a woman who had made a complaint to them.

US Airways said in the tweet, “We welcome feedback, Elle. If your travel is complete, you can detail here for review and follow up.”

As you can see, the photo isn’t really appropriate, and that is an understatement.


The tweet was removed an hour later, with a full apology and the promise of an investigation. However, it had already gone viral on the internet.

A Mystery

What happened god only knows. Was the account hacked? Did someone do a joke tweet with his mates at the office, but accidentally upload the message? Is there a member of staff at US Airways who we should all be surprised can dress themselves in the morning?

Here at Escort Scotland we will continue to tweet profiles of sexy Edinburgh escorts, Aberdeen escorts or escorts from all around the country, or top quality blog posts. We certainly won’t be sending offensive messages to customers.

The old saying certainly isn’t true. Not all publicity is good publicity!

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