TV Presenter in Amazing Wardrobe Malfunction! (Video)

A TV presenter has become a worldwide sensation after a wardrobe malfunction exposed a little more of her breast than she was anticipating.

Tv presenter wardrobe malfunction exposes breast
Daily Mirror

The blonde host (whose name I can’t seem seem to find anywhere on the internet, was already wearing a ridiculously open dress. However, quite unsurprisingly, the left hand side of her dress slipped to one side, giving a fantastic shot of her nipple.

Completely Clueless

The seemingly oblivious presenter then continued to talk with her co-host, not realising for a second that the viewers had a fantastic view of her assets.

Well, needless to say, her wardrobe malfunction and ample breasts were noticed by viewers, who have been sent completely wild. A clip of the mishap has been uploaded onto Youtube , where it has been viewed over 1 million times. One suspects that number is going to grow and grow.

One viewer commented: “She was tempting fate with that top.”

Another said: “That is so embarrassing…how did she not notice!?”

I have to say, I love foreign television. There is no way you would get away with even wearing that dress over in the UK. Female presenters have to cover up and show how ‘professional they are’. Over in that part of the world, women are allowed to show off how beautiful they are. I much prefer that….it is all about personal choice.

Was Wardrobe Malfunction Really a Stunt?

Now it has been said, that it is possible this was all completely set up. Look how beautiful this woman is. Now part of me thinks there is a slight possibility that she did this on purpose so she could gain an international reputation. This is nothing against her in-particular, I have been sceptical about this stuff ever since Janet Jackson had her Superbowl moment.

But in the end, who cares? She is hot! And the more we get to see of her breasts, the better!

Lady presenter, whoever you may be, we love you!

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