Turned Off? Your Accent Could Kill The Mood!

What turns us off in the bedroom might vary a little from person to person. There are also a few common turn offs we all share. Knowing the most common things that can leave someone feeling turned off can really help you avoid killing the mood. But what can you do if your accent is one of those things?

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A recent poll has suggested that an annoying accent is one of the top disliked traits people have when it comes to dating. They even rated the accents in terms of the most and least attractive! How do the Scottish accents compare to others?

The most disliked traits and habits

The poll was run by V2 Cigs UK, creators of e-cigarettes and vape pens. They wanted to take a look at how vaping and smoking might have an impact on the dating scene, which meant looking at the top dating turn offs of the British public.

They spoke to 2,000 single men and women to find out what turns us off when it comes to dating. The poll discovered that bad teeth was the biggest culprit, with 79% of women and 70% of men admitting that this would make them run for the hills. An annoying voice proved to also be unpopular, as 71% of women and 63% of men said they hated it.

Dinner etiquette is important to a lot of us it seems, as both men and women reported that talking with your mouth full and chewing with your mouth open were turn offs. For men, their partner smoking came in at position five with 54% of the votes. Women didn’t seem as bothered by this, but the idea of dating someone shorter than them was a huge turn off instead.

Other common turn offs were things such as balding or thin hair, over plucked eyebrows, facial piercings, being overweight, and even skin imperfections. It seems we are really fussy about what turns us on. However, both men and women rated an annoying accent as the sixth biggest turn off. 62% of women and 53% of men said that they would walk away if their partner had an awful accent. So which accents are we talking about?

It seems that poor dental care can be a huge turn off in bed!
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The sexiest accent is…

If you are eager to know which accents are the most likely to turn us on, then we can tell you right now that Scotland and England don’t fair too well on the scale of sexy. It seems that the further north you are, the more unattractive your accent is.

So which accents are the hottest? Unsurprisingly, it seems that the Irish have it. 31% of those surveyed said the Republic of Ireland had the sexiest accent. Northern Ireland also proved popular, as 29% said that this was the accent most likely to get them interested in their partner.

A further 29% said that it was the Queen’s English which turned us on, and Welsh gained 24% of the votes too. The Yorkshire and Geordie accents both gained 23% of the votes each, showing that we have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to the sounds we love to hear.

Some accents are just sexy
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Which accents turn us off?

For those with a strong accent it can be difficult to be understood. You might find that you are speaking and people are confounded by the things you have said, asking for you to repeat yourself. After a few attempts they might be able to figure out what you said, but it seems this challenge isn’t at all attractive in the bedroom.

34% of those surveyed stated that the Scouse accent was the biggest turn off for them, with Brummie coming in a close second with 32% of the votes. Unfortunately for the Scots, Glaswegian gained 30% of the the votes, showing that it just doesn’t turn many people on.

Those with a firm grasp of Cockney might also find themselves losing out in the dating scene, as 29% said that this was a huge turn off for them. Interestingly, it seemed that Geordie didn’t do well. 23% said that they liked it, but 25% also said that they hated it and wouldn’t date someone with it!

It seems that certain accents can turn us off
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Are the results accurate?

This is pretty disappointing for a number of people. If you are Glaswegian, your voice might be turning people off. Last year we also discovered that the Scottish are “too loud” in bed for some people, but are these results really accurate?

Only 2,000 people were surveyed, which isn’t a huge range. They also specifically looked at Glasgow, rather than any other areas of the country. They didn’t do the same with the Republic of Ireland, as the Dublin accent is different to the Cork accent. Why don’t they point out the difference?

For Scotland, why couldn’t they look at Edinburgh or Aberdeen? I’d like to hear from you. Do you think that our accents can turn people off so much? Which accents are the best and worst to turn people on? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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