Top 5 Anal Positions

Anal sex is just like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it, but until you try you’ll never know. It needs to be said, anal sex is more than just doggy style. There are some sexy and adventurous anal positions out there that you should try. Learning new sex positions can really spice up your sex life and prevents any potential bedroom boredom. Many assume that the same positions that are good for vaginal sex will be good for anal too, but that isn’t always the case. In this article you will find our favourite anal positions, these are perfect for beginners and also for those who are familiar with anal sex but looking for new positions to try.

To get the most out of anal sex, we recommend using plenty of lube. Why not use anal beads during foreplay to really get you and your partner in the mood?

Spooning. This position is a great one for beginners to start off with. Women tend to find that bending and stretching their upper legs away from their body helps open the external sphincter a little and keeps them feeling relaxed (which greatly effects the enjoyment).

Lie behind your partner and hold her top leg up and gently enter her from behind. This position leaves your hands free to play and stimulate other important parts. Take it slowly and gently rock your way to an orgasm.

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Girl on Top

If you have previous experience, but your partner is new to anal sex, this is the one for you. As she is on top, she is in control and can choose the speed and depth that work’s for her. However, the angle you will get from this position is guaranteed to bring you more pleasure than you would get from spooning.

This position can help build her confidence and reduces the risk of you thrusting too hard. Being on top is also considered to make the chance of you both orgasming more likely; score! Plus, of course, you get to watch your partner moan and groan as she rocks on top. Why not use your hands to grope and tease her, these added sensations will drive her wild!

Try alternating between having her knees bent upwards and having her knees on the bed. When she’s more comfortable, get her to arch her back slightly – this will change the angle and will make this position even more enjoyable.

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Reverse Cowgirl

This position is the same idea as girl on top, but having your partner face away changes the angle and offers a whole new world of bliss. To allow your partner to have as much control as possible, try keeping your legs close together and suggest that she hold onto your knees for support. As before, both of your hands are free to explore each other, so make sure no sensation goes unmissed!

The Amazon

If your partner is enjoying being in control, but you have both lost interest in the positions mentioned above, why not introduce some props in the bedroom?

This position allows you to add a little spice into your bedroom routine without being too ambitious. This does not involve any skill or toys; all you need is a chair and plenty of lube. Sit yourself on the chair and get your partner to sit on top facing towards you, so that she’s straddling you. This position allows your partner to stay in control and position you both for that orgasm. Just make sure that her feet can reach the ground, so that she can bounce up and down on you gently.

This is an intimate position, so shower her with kisses, paying special attention to her nipples. For some added fun; you can tug her hair gently or nibble her earlobes and neck. If you’re looking for other suggestions on how to vary this position, the Aberdeen escorts know what they like and will gladly share their experiences.

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The Magic Mountain

When it comes to classic anal positions, we automatically think of doggy style and taking a woman for behind. This is in fact, one of the hardest positions to master as the angle is a little trickier to achieve. Doggy style leaves you in control, so you need to be aware of how much your partner can take. We recommend that you try the other positions before moving on to this one, so that you are both familiar with the speed and amount of penetration that you both like and don’t like.

When going from behind, get your partner to angle her pelvis slightly with a few pillows under her. This will make the angle of penetration easier to access, and will ultimately cause the least discomfort. However the angle of penetration will be deep so use plenty of lube and take it slow. To spice it up a little you could try spanking your partner before and as you enter, talking dirty or tugging her hair.

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