The Pros And Cons Of Independent And Agency Escort

When it comes to dating escorts, everyone has their preferences. You might prefer to spend time with an independent escort, or you might find that you feel more comfortable with an escort in an agency.

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Everyone has their preferences, and yet the topic is still hotly debated in the escorting industry. Is it better to date agency escorts or independents? Is it better to be an independent escort or an agency escort? What are the differences? We take a look into it so that you don’t have to.

Pros of agency escorts

One of the big things that many agency escorts find is that they don’t have to worry about things like organising the dates or even advertising for themselves. A lot of agencies will do the hard work, such as setting up the profile and arranging pictures, on your behalf, which is ideal for the escorts out there who aren’t great at organisation, or find that they have limited time to arrange those things.

Being part of an agency is sometimes great, because the escort will have someone that they can check in with. Simply sending off a text to let them know that things are going well and that the client has left without incident is a good security system many use, and while many independent escorts do this, many agencies insist on it to ensure those working for them are safe.

Having a lot of cash around can be a little bit daunting, especially when so many escorts are concerned about their safety. However, there are some agencies out there that accept credit card payments, meaning this is now becoming a thing of the past. It is so much more convenient for the escort to not have to worry about putting the money somewhere safe.

Escorts often find that they get calls from clients who are just wasting their time, and that can be incredibly frustrating. Some clients simply want to ring up and ask dirty questions, while with an agency you often find that there is no contact between the escort and the client, and the agency will do that. For the ladies and gentlemen who get plenty of time wasters on the phone, this can be ideal.

Cons of agency escorts

Of course, working for an agency isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and plenty of escorts say that they prefer being independent. Since the agency will be the one speaking to the client, the escort won’t have the chance to talk to the client and get to know them. They also won’t have the chance to see if they get a bad feeling about the client, and escorts often like to talk to the client to see if they can suss them out.

Some agencies will put the pressure on escorts to provide more services that the escort simply doesn’t want to, meaning that they are effectively being coerced into doing something they don’t want to do. Clients can often spot this and will feel uncomfortable about visiting that escort again in the future, or even using that agency!

When demands are high, the escort might be pressured to see more clients without a break, and this can put them at risk. Bad clients can work their way around the system this way, and the risk of criminal activity shoots up.

One of the big things that many clients find frustrating about visiting an agency escort is that the money they hand over doesn’t all go to them. Agencies will take a fee, usually around 25 to 30 per cent, of the money that the escort makes from each booking. If a client has had a great time with the escort, they will want all of the money to go to the escort, rather than the agency. That is why so many escorts prefer to work independently and away from agencies.

Pros of independent escorts

The number of independent escorts is on the rise, and it is easy to see why. For a start, the independent escorts can see whoever they want and on their terms. They aren’t pushed to offer services they dislike simply because someone else demands it, and if they don’t like how a client sounds on the phone or feels they are suspicious when they arrive, they can simply ask them to leave.

Since the client and the escort speak to each other directly with no third parties involved, it means it is far easier to see if you are suitable to each other. You can tell if there is a natural chemistry there, which makes finding your perfect escort so much easier.

When the client arrives and hands over the fee, that is it. Part of the fee doesn’t get sent away. Every penny belongs to the escort, who has earned it, and if the client wants to leave a tip they can do easily.

The biggest plus for escorts is that they are totally in control. They choose who they see, when they see them, what their profile looks like, and how their pictures turn out. It is completely up to them, and since they can choose when they work they can easily just work when they want to.

Cons of independent escorts

Being an independent escort takes up a lot of time, as no-one else will organise the website, profile, or dates. It is up to the escort, meaning that it can take a long time to get everything just the way they want it to be.

Since they will need to maintain an active web presence to draw in new clients, they will spend a lot of time when they aren’t dating clients online, either updating their profile and website or hitting the different escort forums and joining in the discussions there. Again, this takes a lot of time.

Another thing that takes a lot of time is performing different security checks. They will need to suss out the client on the phone to see if they are genuine, and they will also have to keep an eye on them when they arrive to see if they are at all suspicious. If so, they will need to handle it themselves.

For security purposes, a lot of escorts will have someone they message to let them know they are safe, and in an agency this is easier. Working independently means they are on their own and will have to contact a friend or family member instead.

The difference for the client

As a client it might not seem as though there is much of a difference, but a lot of clients seem to prefer spending time with independent escorts. After all, turning up to a place arranged by an agency to meet an escort you know very little about can be daunting. They like to be able to speak to the escort first and get to know them a little bit better before arranging the date. That way, they know they will have a good time with an escort they click with.

There are also so many choices for clients that they will find they have a lot more freedom when dating independent escorts. They can simply choose the escort they like the most from the profile, while calling an agency might lead to their date being changed if they are unavailable. Since the independent escorts choose who to meet and when, should they find themselves too busy they can simply let the client know and the client can arrange the date for another time, instead of being pushed to date another escort they don’t know as well.

Plenty of clients are also very cautious about visiting agency escorts. They might find that the escort they meet isn’t the one in the pictures, and that two agency escorts have actually switched on them. When this happens the client should walk away, as they get to keep their money and instead go and spend it on an escort who isn’t going to try and trick them.

Which is better?

So there are some positives to escort agencies. For a start, the escorts get a little more free time since they don’t have to worry about their profile or website. The agency will deal with all of that, and they might not even have to answer the phone to a client!

Of course, the downside to working for an agency is that you don’t get to speak to the client. This means that the agency system is open to abuse from criminals and bad clients, and for escorts that just isn’t acceptable. That might be why so many prefer to work independently, where they are completely in control.

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