A Test To See If You Are Gay!

I read about it and nearly had a heart attack. Apparently there is a website that can tell if you are gay by scanning your facial features. Yes, you heard me right there!

A Nazi Style Test

In what sounds like some Nazi style test on racial grouping, ‘Gay Check Online‘, scans the face of the lucky user through a webcam and delivers a verdict about their sexuality. The image is then matched with ‘the latest data on facial features and their homosexual implications’, which allows Gay Check to work out the visitor’s sexual orientation.

Gay couple

I was geared up and ready set to write a scathing article on this, until I researched it a bit further. According to a statement made by the websites creator Kim Asendorf, it isn’t meant to be serious.

“Gay Check Online is not a practical tool but a [social] statement … This tool is as ridiculous as homophobia.

“It is a fun way to deal with the topic while the discussion itself is quite dumb and awkward for all of us…Reminds us a little of some Nazi studies, where they try to figure out how the ‘only real Aryan’ has to look like and how you could control it.”

We Are Just Individuals

Crisis averted. And I actually see what he is trying to do.

Anyone who believes that you can ‘look like a homosexual’ is a moron. These people are different and the only thing they have in common is that they like people of the same sex.

The male escorts in Aberdeen don’t fit into stereotype. They are just individuals who enjoy making their clients feel extra special.

Seriously though, it did make me choke on my coffee!

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