Five Mistakes Women Make in Bed!

One thing can be said about us here at Escort Scotland; we are not sexist. Yesterday we did an article highlighting five mistakes men make in bed. It would however be unfair to pretend that woman are perfect and don’t put a foot wrong in the sack.

This is why we have put together a guide to the five main mistakes women make. Do you fall into any of these categories ladies? Does this sound anything like your girlfriend does guys?


1) Faking It

Most guys have, in their time, watched plenty of porn. They know that if a woman gets too loud then she is putting it on. For the most part, instead of getting the guy going, he will see it as at best a bit silly, and at worst, quite off-putting.

Keep it real ladies!

2) Not Making it Clear When You Are Coming

This is the exact opposite of number one, but is as common a mistake. Often women are a bit nervous about making any noises when they come because they may sound a bit ‘strange’. For them, it is difficult to let go.

The problem with this is that often the guy doesn’t know whether the girl has had an orgasm or not. This can act as quite a turn off.

So remember to let him know you are enjoying yourself!

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3) Criticism

Women like different things, and it is only natural that certain women would rather guys do some things, whilst other women would like guys to do different things.

The problem comes over how to communicate this effectively. If the lady criticises the guys performance, then it will leave him feeling pretty shitty and totally emasculated.

Always remain positive. More ‘I like it when you do that’ rather than a ‘I don’t like that’.

4) Not Taking the Lead

Sex is meant to be fun for the both of you. Therefore making him take the lead every single time can really ruin it for him. It is like he has to fight for every sexual escapade he ever gets.

If you enjoy sex, show him by taking the lead. He will be very grateful!

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5) Unwillingness to Try New Things

Sex between couples can get very samey. However, with that monotony, love-making can actually feel very safe. This is why a lot of women over-react when a guy suggests something new.

His thinking outside the proverbial box can often come across to some women as him getting bored with his sex life with them, or even worse; they may think he has picked up tips elsewhere.

Remember ladies, if he is wanting to do new things, it is a sign of him wanting to try them with you.

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So good luck ladies; we hope this has given you some pointers. If it has then you guy will certainly have a smile on his face next time you are in bed!

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