How Do I Tell My Parents I am an Escort?

Being a sex worker can be tough. Not only do you have to deal with some clients that you may not choose to in the normal course of things, you also have the unfortunate threat of violence. However, one big worry for many is how they tell their parents or loved ones what they do. So, how do you tell your parents you are an escort?

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It is fair to say, that when parents have a young child and have all their hopes and dreams for them, they have certain career paths they envisage.. Maybe they can become a doctor, a lawyer, or a sportsperson? I have real doubts that any parent thinks ‘oh, I hope they become an escort’. There is likely to be a reaction ranging from shock, to downright disappointment.

Should You Really Say Anything?

The expected ferocity of their reaction will help answer whether you should even tell them in the first place. If you visualise getting cut off permanently, I would consider making up another job and some sort of cover story. If there will be no benefits from telling them, then why bother?

However, most of us can’t really tell how things will go so it is dangerous to prejudge things. It is best to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

It is very important to know what their knowledge and opinion of the industry is. If they are ignorant of how things really are, then that may well affect their response to your announcement. It could well be up to you to fill in the blanks and end misconceptions.

I would remain calm throughout, and actually explain how your job works. Point out that what you do, and that you stay safe, in both security and health. If you can make them realise that what you do isn’t seedy then that will help you get a better reaction.

Don’t be surprised if you get a bad initial reaction from them. Whether it is because they come from a position or ignorance, or just because it is not how they envisaged your life going, they aren’t likely to be clicking their heels. If you get a bad reaction, you can bring the conversation to a well mannered halt whilst they get to process the reality of the situation. You can then return to it if you feel the need.

Varying Responses

Every situation is going to be different. We do see reactions where ties are cut. It’s very sad indeed, and hopefully if that happens to you, then it will be salvageable further down the road. Another likely response is that they aren’t happy, but as long as you are safe, then they will accept it. Very rarely, if ever, will you get genuine happiness, but you probably knew that when you entered the industry and debated telling them.

The situation is never going to be easy, and every one is unique. If a relationship is strong then it should survive you admitting you are an escort, even if they would like you to refrain from talking about your work experiences over dinner.

As I said in the beginning, it is up to you whether you admit you are an escort to your parents, and sometimes honesty ISN’T the best policy. But for those who feel they need to do it , then we wish you luck.

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