Teenager Gets Balls Ripped Off In Cycle Accident!

No matter how bad your day is going, there is always someone having it a lot worse than you. Take this guy from China, who not only had an accident on his bicycle (which is bad enough by itself) but he had his balls ripped off in the process.

The 19-year-old’s private area smashed into the handlebars, ripping his testicles from his body in the impact.

“He was on a slope, the bike was gaining speed and when he applied the brakes, they didn’t work. He smashed directly into the tree” said a police spokesman.

Major Surgery

Xiao Pan suffered horrific blood loss and had to have a nine hour surgery to reattach is knads.

Medics had to stitch up his ruptured and damaged blood vessels before putting the testicle back in the scrotum, his doctor told reporters.

It sounds absolutely terrible to be fair.

bicycle fall

Xiao’s very traditional mother was concerned if anything were to happen to her eldest son’s ability to reproduce, the whole family would have no dignity or “face” to live any longer.

You would think she would be more concerned about her son nearly dying? I will just leave that one out there.

“I rushed down to him and he was in a bad way. He pointed to this blood clump and said: ‘My balls, rescue my balls,” said Motorist Lo Feng (45).

“I didn’t touch them; I just staunched his blood flow and called for the medics on my mobile. I pointed out what he had said when they arrived and they picked them up and placed them in a box of ice.”

An Uncertain Future

No-one knows if he will be able to reproduce in the future, but his sexual function shouldn’t be affected.

That would be a killer for me. The Glasgow escorts are wonderful company, but if I had my balls ripped off and was unable to have sex ever again, then I would truly be as miserable as hell!

We wish this poor fella all the best in his recovery.

It really does sound painful just thinking about it!

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