The Best Bar Brawl Ever!

Social media can be a wonderful thing for any business. It helps get a company recognised and can give a real public face to what otherwise is an impersonal institution. However, when you get a bit of bad press it can really hurt you. And remember, a bad news story can come back and bite you at any time!.

Take this Greek restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Stalactites was the scene of a monster bar brawl that looked like something from a John Wayne movie. Obviously, as it was filmed it went viral.

A Huge PR Drive

However, this incident took place five years ago. This has led to the owners having to go on a huge publicity drive stating this fact, and saying that all participants were dealt with by the police at the time.

This could obviously have a damaging effect on the business today. If people think the place is a home to violent people they are less likely to come. You know how people don’t really read stories properly. They won’t care that it all happened years ago, as they won’t have read that far!

However, that doesn’t stop it being very funny indeed! What a fight!

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