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Man With Smallest Penis in The UK Has an Amazing New Job!

You would think that being the guy with the smallest dick in the UK wasn’t fun. The insecurity when you are in bed with a woman, the pain of using a urinal in the local bar or public toilet; they will be things you grow up feeling embarrassed about. However, for one guy it has become a job opportunity. Continue reading Man With Smallest Penis in The UK Has an Amazing New Job!

Guy Sends Cock Pic To HR Boss!

We all know how popular sending naked pictures of yourself has become over recent years. Where once upon a time you had to seduce a partner, now it seems, if you are a guy, all you need to do is send a picture of your penis to a partner and that does a trick. I’m not going to judge, society moves on, even if it does seem little strange to me. However, for one guy, this week it went seriously wrong. Continue reading Guy Sends Cock Pic To HR Boss!

Pizza Hut Manager Caught Urinating in the Sink!

I have to admit, I am quite health conscious, and I tend to veer away from fast food. I just prefer the healthier alternatives, so I don’t have to, upon putting on 5lbs during the week, look my personal trainer in the eye, lie to him and say “no mate, there was nothing wrong with my diet this week at all, I can’t think what happened.”

However, if I needed any more encouragement to engage in a healthy diet, a video coming out of America showing a district manager peeing in a food preparation sink has done the trick.

The video dated Jan. 29, shows the manager at the Kermit, West Virginia, Pizza Hut restaurant, urinating in a metal sink . The incident occurred after business hours. The employee was obviously fired.

Sadly for the establishment, the damage done was permanent. A decision to close the restaurant was made on February 19th, a day after the video surfaced. One suspects no-one would want to east there, ever.

I have to admit, this is pretty disgusting. And when I pretty disgusting, I mean absolutely vile. It does make me wonder if there are loads of restaurants where this happens, but we just don’t know about it?

I’m off to eat my grilled chicken with rice. For those of you are thinking of eating at a fast food restaurant today, good luck.

You may need it!