Survey Finds Women’s Biggest Turn Offs In Bed!

When it comes to sex there are certain things that we like to have happen, as well as things we don’t. There are a few common turn ons and turn offs among people. Some people might like to hear their partner moaning loudly, while others find it a bit much.

Couple having arguments in the bedroom

Turn offs will vary from person to person, but often you’ll find that there are some things we class as unacceptable in the bedroom, or simply things that a large number of people will not enjoy.

A recent survey has discovered the biggest turn offs of women (and men) so that you can see what it is people do not enjoy in the bedroom.

The survey on sex

We are often curious about sex, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there has been yet another survey into the sex lives of couples. In the past we have talked about everything, from our favourite positions to the most popular sexual fantasies.

Australian jewellers Forktip decided that they wanted to know more about the things couples were doing in the sheets. In their own words: “we wanted to understand how relationships and ‘mating rituals’ are evolving in 2017”, and so they asked 5,000 people about their sex lives.

The questions were varied. They asked about everything, from how much they’d like to have a threesome to whether they have cheated on their partner. They covered all bases, but perhaps the more interesting of the results concerned our turn offs.

Let's talk about sex - and what turns us on and off in bed
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The turn offs of women

There are some things that will turn us off in the bedroom that we all know not to do anyway. For example, using your phone should be a big no-no. If you do it, expect your partner to stop putting effort in and walk away.

However, there are also some that women find they just don’t like anyway. According to the Forktip survey, the biggest things to turn women off in bed included:

– Weird noises
– Small penis
– Ejaculating too quickly
– Changing positions too frequently

Now while these are things that can be troublesome in the bedroom, they are also things that can be fixed if you communicate with your partner. If you are able to open up about sex and what you want, you can solve a number of these issues.

For example, if your partner constantly changes positions just when you are getting into it, you can tell them. Say that you love doing a certain position because of how it makes you feel. This will make them more likely to stick with it.

A small penis is a turn off for many women
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The turn offs of men

By contrast, the turn offs of men look very different. While women seem to focus on things that could be dealt with by understanding and communicating with your partner to find out what works for you both, men have different ideas:

– Too loose
– Making too much noise
– Small breasts
– Lack of booty

Of these four items, three of them are things that you can’t change immediately. Hitting the gym can help to put a bit of mass on the ass, and you can go for surgery if you are not satisfied with your appearance.

However, like women, one turn off is something that can be dealt with by talking. If your partner makes too much noise in the bedroom and you don’t enjoy it, tell them. Say that you would love to hear them trying to be quiet while you fuck them. It turns it into a fun and kinky game to play!

Noise can be a huge problem for some people
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What turns you off?

While some of the turn offs listed above are common among people in the bedroom, the majority can be dealt with by talking to your partner. By having an open and honest conversation about sex, you’ll find that it is easier to deal with issues like this in the bedroom.

But what turns us off might not turn others off. So tell us all about the things that turn you on and turn you off in the bedroom by leaving a comment in the box below.

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