Men Reveal The 3 Most Popular Fantasies!

Everyone has a sexual fantasy they really hope to fulfil at some point in their lives. Some fantasies just happen to be more popular than others. They sit at the top of our sexual bucket lists… so what is it that makes these the most popular fantasies?

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A recent survey of men discovered the top three most popular fantasies… and while we could have guessed some of the responses, others might just surprise you! So what are they, and why are they our favourites?

Sharing their fantasies

People sometimes feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to sharing their sexual fantasies. They might worry that their partner will not understand them or appreciate the intricacies of their steamy thoughts. They may have had experience of sharing these fantasies in the past and found that the response was not what they were hoping for.

Communication is by far the most important part of sex. If you can’t tell your partner what you want, then how else will they know? As much as we would love to read minds, we can’t do it.

However, some people felt comfortable enough to talk to The Stag Company about their deepest fantasies. They asked what it was that men most wanted to try or to see, and while some of the answers were pretty predictable, there was one hell of a shocker in there.

It would be great to fulfil fantasies without so much as a second thought... but for most of us it requires effort
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Fantasy 1: Lesbians

Should we really be surprised? Probably not. Porn MD shows us just how many times lesbian is searched, with variations such as “orgy”, “ass licking”, and “seduction” added on to make the porn searches more specific.

In their survey of 1,000 men, The Stag Company found that lesbians was by far one of the most popular fantasies men have, with 19% stating that this was what they wanted to see.

So what is it about lesbians that we love so much? When it comes to watching porn, a lot of men find that they will be really enjoying watching the video, only to suddenly get a close up of a cock. This isn’t what they want to see. If they watch lesbians, however, there is no chance of a surprise dick making an appearance. Plus, watching women pleasure each other is a hell of a turn on to watch!

Films like Black Swan have only made us want to see more lesbian love scenes
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Fantasy 2: Threesomes

The natural progression from watching lesbians is, of course, to want a threesome. In a threesome you get to not only watch two hot women fucking each other, but you get to join in too!

Again, the fact that this is a popular fantasy isn’t much of a surprise to us. 9% of the men surveyed stated that they wanted a threesome. It seems to be closely linked to the lesbian fantasy, given the numbers who suggested it.

Watching women is a turn on, but men like the idea of seeing two women making out and being invited to join in. The thought of two women kissing and licking a man all over before fucking him is something a lot of men think about when it comes to sex.

Having sex with multiple people at once is a popular fantasy for many
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Fantasy 3: Watersports

This is where the surprise is. The top three most popular fantasies for men, according to this particular survey, goes as follows: lesbians, threesomes, and watersports. Yes, watersports. And it is by a healthy amount too, as 5% of those surveyed said that this was something that they wanted to try.

Watersports goes by many different names, such as piss play and golden showers. Now whether the men were hoping to get their release on someone or to have it done to them we don’t know, but what is it that draws men to this fantasy?

The theory is that we are all pretty clean and well-behaved in every day life. Watersports isn’t clean. It is dirty and something of a taboo, and so that just makes us want to try it more. We want to try something naughty, and many say that it is something of a release during sex to try this out.

Watersports is the third most popular fantasy, according to The Stag Company
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Are these really the most popular fantasies?

If you were to ask me about the most popular fantasies according to men, I wouldn’t have put watersports on the list. Lesbians and threesomes yes, but watersports? That is a huge surprise for me. Am I right to be surprised, or were you expecting it to make the top three?

We want to hear from you. Vote in the poll below to tell us which of the three fantasies above is your number one. Not found your ultimate fantasy in the poll? You can use the comment box below to share it with us. Tell us why you think these fantasies have been featured and join in the discussion!

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