The Stupidest Questions You Will Ever Hear About STI’s

Here at Scotland, we have always been big supporters of safe sex. Hey, when there is so much mutual fun going on, if condoms were not used, then the industry wouldn’t be anywhere near as safe as it is today.

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One thing that has been said on occasion is that we maybe don’t need to talk about safe sex as much as we do. They argue that people know the score, and we treat them like babies when we offer advice out.

Now you could start thinking they have a point. That is until you read an article I saw in the Daily Mirror. It was about a couple of STI nurses and the most daft questions they have been asked.After reading this, you will never question why we are so on top of sexual health again.

1. Can I prevent pregnancy by removing the semen from inside me?

Yes, can you prevent pregnancy by having an upside-down shower (or something like that) Well, Darren has an answer for that one.

“The answer is no, trying to physically remove semen that’s inside you following ejaculation is no guarantee that you wont become pregnant.

“There is no way to remove all the sperm – and some sperm is released pre-ejaculation,” Darren explains.

Also, you all need to remember that sperm can live inside the woman for up to a week.

2. Do I need to disinfect my sex toys after use?

Someone asked Esther about this one during an examination.

“Cleaning a sex toy properly is very important for your health, but there’s usually no need to use antibacterial products.

“Follow the recommended care guidelines, which should recommend washing them after every use using a mild, unscented soap.

“This is even if you’re only using it on yourself and not sharing with a partner. An unwashed toy can contaminate them with bacteria.

“You can get an STI by using sex toys or other objects, but only if someone with an STI has used them before you. If you suspect this is the case, wash it thoroughly before use, or use a condom.”

So that is a YES.

3. Can mutual masturbation give you an STI?

Darren was taken aback by this one

“I did have to clarify exactly what was meant,” he explains, “which was if they are just using hands. Thankfully, I could reassure them as there is a very low risk from using your hands on someone else and then yourself.

“But genital to genital masturbation can leave you exposed to things like herpes, HPV [genital warts], pubic lice [crabs] or syphilis.”

Words fail me. Was she missing during sex education?

4. Do I need to be worried about the number of partners I’ve had?

Esther had this answer when asked this question.

“Worrying about sexually transmitted infections is an entirely separate issue than worrying about your ‘number’, simply because you can get an STI from just one partner.

“It comes down to praising safe sex. If you’re single and sexually active, especially if you’re having unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners, I would advise having a regular STI check – as often as every three months.”

Just excuse me whilst I bang my head up against a wall.

So there you have it. There really are people in the world who need advice. To be honest, though we have had a good laugh here, I am actually delighted they have asked these questions. A choice between that and continuing in ignorance, proceeding to unwanted pregnancy and STI’s is no choice at all.

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