Why Are Students Becoming Escorts?

When people think of sex workers, they tend to think of people in their late 20s or early 30s. They imagine someone who needs some extra cash, who perhaps works another job and does a little bit of escorting on the side. People tend to forget that sex workers come in all shapes and sizes, and that they can be anything from mature ladies to students.

Why are students becoming escorts?

A large number of students decide that, in order to make money for themselves, they will enter the world of escorting. This is surprising for many people, and they can’t quite wrap their heads around why so many students feel that sex work is the best joy for them while they study.

Here on the Escort Scotland blog, we take a look at just how many students are choosing to study while they escort, and why they might turn to this taboo profession.

Students and sex work

Many people believe that their years as a student are some of the best of their life. They think back on those day with fondness, as they usually have a lot of good memories attached to them. However, there are also some tough moments… writing dissertations late at night, struggling for money, difficulty finding a job that suits your student timetable.

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These are just some of the reasons that those in higher education might turn to sex work. Back in 2015, a study by the University of Swansea found that a huge number were looking to escorting and the sex industry “in order to secure extra income”. In fact, they found that roughly 5%, or one in twenty, had worked in the industry at some point, with a further quarter of those surveyed stating that they had, at some point, “considered it”. So… what drove them to this decision?

University is expensive

It is no secret that being a student is expensive. Yes, in Scotland, many people can have their higher education paid for them. You have to jump through a number of hoops to show that you are eligible for the assistance with finance, but it is possible to get help.

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However, even with the help it can still cost a lot. In order to fund student activities, you might need to get a job or a student loan. Student loans are the bane of the lives of many graduates, something that they feel they will be paying off for the rest of their lives. Definitely not good! This is one of the reasons that a student might look elsewhere for funding.

Money, money, money!

If you have ever been to university, you’ll know that money is a problem during those years. If you want to go on a night out, you might spend your student loan on that… only to find that basic needs like food aren’t met. However, getting a job is tough when you have so many other responsibilities… and it is for this reason that there are plenty of student sex workers around.

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Being a sex worker is perfect for many in higher education, and it pays well. In all honesty, it pays a lot better than other jobs aimed at the every day student, making it the perfect option for those in education needing a little financial boost. Many choose to save the money from work, so that their debts at the end of their university life aren’t as big as they could be.

Most jobs are inflexible and boring

Studying at university means that you are either sitting in lectures and seminars, learning about your chosen subject, or you are spending your time working on assignments and dissertations. Sure, you might get a little bit of time for other things, but most of the time, you are on campus and working hard.

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If you need a little more money in your bank account for the other activities you do as a student, you might look for a job. However, a lot of the jobs either don’t pay very well or they aren’t flexible. You need to be able to work a job that gives you plenty of time to study, but also pays well. Most traditional jobs don’t do that.

Sex workers choose their hours

Sex work does! Sex workers set their own working hours, and this means that you have the flexibility you need as a student to study and continue to earn money!

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As a student, you might decide that you only want to work one day a week. You don’t have to check your hours with anyone, as you are your own boss. You simply change the hours on your website to show when you are working. If you decide one day that you don’t feel like working, you don’t have to. It gives you total flexibility when you need it the most.

Exploring sexuality

Most students are aged between 18 and 22. This is an important time in your life. It is the time when most people decide to explore what turns them on and see what makes them tick. However, it isn’t exactly ideal to explore on a one night stand, as drunken sex isn’t usually good sex.

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Sex workers get the chance to try all kinds of things, which is why many choose to go into it. The needs of the client are vast, and what turns on one person might not work for another. Sex workers can explore their own sexuality and interests in a safe environment where they are in control!

The student sex worker

The beauty of sex work is that the definition is vast. “Sex work” covers everything, from working as an indoor escort to stripping and going online as a cam girl. This means that plenty of people may have explored sex work without realising it… but the flexibility of the job is definitely appealing to many students.

There are many different reasons why a student might choose to go into escorting and the sex industry, and we have covered just a few of the reasons. Got a few suggestions of your own? We want to hear from you. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the box below.

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