How To Stay Sober On An Escort Date!

More and more people who visit the Glasgow escorts are going on full evening dates. Yes, the 30 minute sessions are still popular, but we are seeing more and more longer appointments taking place.

However, there is of course a major problem when it comes to going out for a longer period of time. That is of course staying sober. Whilst your girlfriend or boyfriend may accept you finishing your night out drunk, the escort, or the client you are with may not take kindly to spending their night with a pisshead.

This is why your friends at Escort Scotland have put together a five point guide on how to make sure you don’t end up off your face during your date.

We hope it comes in useful!

Man with head on bar surrounded by drinks

1) Know Your Limits

Unless it is your first time drinking ever, you should be able to work out how much you can handle.

Set yourself a limit of how much you are going to have and stick to it. Even if you get a bit merry and think you can handle it, stick to that level.

This will help make sure you remain wonderful company.

2) Make Sure You Eat

If you are intending to drink, then make sure you have something to eat. No-one can really drink on an empty stomach, even if they think they can.

Couple drinking at a table

Line the stomach. No ifs, no buts, just do it!

3) Work Out What Drinks You Can Handle

I know I can handle beer, but if I start drinking whiskey I will be quickly out of it. Therefore when I am on a date I make sure I stick to beer.

Even if your Glasgow escort companion or your client try and get a round of drinks in which you may not be able to handle, then politely decline.

Your night will go with more of a bang if you are not falling on your backside.

4) Stay Away From Cocktails

Though cocktails are truly wonderful, they have a habit of getting you smashed rather quickly. Therefore steering clear of them on an escort encounter is a rather good idea.

There are times to have cocktails and that is when you are out socialising with friends.

Loving couple have a drink

5) Drink Slowly

Any new meeting can be nerve-racking, so you may find yourself drinking faster than you usually would.

Savor your drink; maybe even setting yourself a time you have to still have the drink by. This will make sure you are not getting it down you too fast.

Well we hope that helps. An evening encounter with a Glasgow escort can be an amazing thing. However, they can be ruined if one of the participants get drunk.

Stick to these rules and both of you should be just fine!

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