Should Escorts Charge More For Working Over Christmas?

We all know that escorting is a business. And with that, these individual men and women will make their own decision on pricing. That led to a very interesting conversation in the office this week. With it being Christmas and time working being time away from the family, should escorts charge more at this time of the year? In most industries, Christmas working will get the worker a bonus rate.

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The Arguments For And Against

One argument for it would be that an escorts time is money. If the time is more valuable, like it is depriving them of seeing their family around Christmas, then surely they can add monetary value for that time? It is what many other businesses would do.

Those against any price change will say that it is reminiscent of something Scrooge would do. If the price is good enough one day, why should someone have to pay more the next day for the exact same service? In a customer industry, you have to be careful to not disrespect the customers. Hiking up the prices on an ad hoc basis risks doing so, for some people.

However, I think, in the end the whole conversation misses the point about how escorts set their prices. It is up to them and them alone what they charge and the market will dictate whether it is a good decision or not. Every escort has a competitor like every company in the world. If someone goes above their sustainable price, they will lose business. And you thought these escorts just concentrated on looking good and being great companions!

The Perfect Time To Advertise – Demand is High

There is another important aspect to this though. This is a perfect time for escorts to advertise without having to raise prices to make up income. There are less escorts working at this time of year, and that means the ones who advertise with us are going to get a lot of visibility. If an escort is thinking of raising her prices to make up some presumed shortfall (an understandable point if business was iffy), then she may be shocked. If many escorts are taking time off, this is the time of the year the remainders services will be MOST in demand. In fact, I would go as far as saying it is the ideal time to advertise.

So the answer is this. An escort can charge whatever price she wants to as it is her body and her decision. However, if any are tempted to do it because it is a crappy time of the year business wise then that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As the song goes ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’.

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