Does Sexting Count as Cheating?

Sexting is a fun way to unleash your passion and send a sexy SMS to an equally sexy lady. It can make your relationship all the more exciting. Exchanging photos and videos can make it all the better when you do see each other. But if you sext with someone who isn’t your partner, is it cheating?
Blond girl writing sms

What is sexting?

Sexting is when you send sexy messages, erotic stories, videos, or photos to another person to turn them on. Some people do it to spice up their sex life, while others may do it to show someone they are interested and let them know what they would do if they were there right at that moment.

It is the modern version of phone sex, but it gives you the chance to think a little more carefully about what you are writing and if you can think of a more sensual or passionate way to say what you’d love to.

Step by step

What to write when sexting can be a challenge. The key is to think of what you would do if the person was in front of you. Start slowly, describing which item of clothing you would remove first. Describe where you would place your hands and your lips to tease and entice them.

You can send some sexy images if you’d like, but try to make sure you keep some clothes on. That is the best way to tease them.

Is it cheating?

Some people feel that sexting is being unfaithful, or that they are setting up to start an affair. Others feel it is just a bit of harmless fun, letting you release a lot of sexual tension in a healthy way and improving your desire for passion in a relationship.

If you are talking to a sexy girl it is hard to resist the temptation to flirt a little, which is what sexting can be seen as. You get to talk to many sexy women, all of whom will enjoy a little flirting. They give you the chance to test your flirting skills and keep the spark in your relationship alive. So, is it cheating?


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