Rolf Harris Guilty – A Nation Mourns

When Rolf Harris was convicted of 12 sex offences earlier this week, I couldn’t help but feel a real sense of sadness.

Now let me clarifyy. I am not sad that he has been convicted. If he is guilty (and that is of course what the jury decided) then he is placed in that special bracket of contempt I have for all sex offenders. I am just upset that the man who was seen as the nations favorite uncle was actually something far more sinister.

A Fixture on Telly

Harris was a staple on TV, hosting classic shows such as ‘Rolf’s Cartoon Club’, which inspired millions of kids to take up drawing.

Around a decade ago, I was watching a TV programme and they were talking about Mr Harris. They got on to his music career, and how he wrote songs like ‘Jake The Peg’ and ‘Two Little Boys’. They got onto how students around that period were rediscovering Rolf’s music. One of the celebrities they were interviewing mentioned that he hoped this ‘wasn’t a case of them taking the mickey out of Rolf, because Rolf deserves better’(or words to that affect) It was truly heartfelt, and just showed how everyone loved Harris.

Now he has been exposed as a man who used his position to molest girls as young as seven.

The Rolf Harris case has hit home, mainly because he was so popular. The likes of Savile and Bill Roache (who plays Ken Barlow on Corrie) always divided opinion. Savile was seen as an eccentric nutter, and Roache is often seen as unapproachable in the real world. Of course Roache was found not guilty as the charges turned out to be trumped up garbage, but even if he had gone down, it wouldn’t have shaken the nation to the core.

Rolf was a hero to millions. These people were fed a lie and it will take some getting over.

A Warning To Us All

In a way, this acts a salient warning to everyone. Following the exposing of Jimmy Savile as the monster he was, there seems to be a moronic consensus that he ‘looked like a peado’. But in the end, what does a sex offender look like?

They are not dodgy looking guys who walks around in dirty macs flashing kids. If they all looked like that, we would see them coming and walk the other way.

Sex offenders are usually the nice uncle, or the lovable family friend. That kind of makes their betrayal far worse.

When you look at it that way, Rolf Harris really is the typical predator.

Our thoughts go out to his victims

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